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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mawi Please!!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would know by now that I have a thing for statement jewellery. OK, I'm more obsessed. If it's big, chunky, gold and adorned with weird and wacky embellishments, then I'm in heaven.

Once upon a time I was a humble little fashion intern at Elle magazine, and it was there that I was introduced to my favourite jewellery brand of all time. I remember trying on a ring that looked like an animal door knocker, a real knuckle duster, and an incredible massive gold chain with a huge round green jewel incased in a gold claw. A fellow intern grimaced at the pieces, herself preferring a simple chain and earrings, but I was in love. If you haven't heard of Mawi, please visit the website now! Celeb fans include fashion queenie and meanie Olivia Palermo and the fierce Rihanna.

I was lucky enough to be given one of the amazing leopard door knocker rings at one of my jobs, and now I covet the rest of the collections! Be warned, these pieces are not for the faint hearted - only wear if you have a spirit as fierce as Queen Beyonce! I've put a few images below. Enjoy! x

Mawi Fan Rihanna
Mawi Fan Olivia Palermo

Friday, 28 January 2011

River Island's SS11 Collection is My New Love!

So there I was having a gander at Look online, and I came across a set of pics that stopped me dead in my tracks...I know I rave about their winter collections and moan about their crappy sales, but I rarely get all excited by their spring and summer line - well, this year, River Island have got it very, VERY right!!

Full of those incredible trends that we saw on the runways six months ago, River Island have adopted the most wearable, and at the same time directional, trends that the SS11 collections had on offer. Fancy a bit of prairie chic? no problem, want to give the 70's trend a whirl? They have it covered. How about some crazy colour blocking and prints? You'll definitely find your fill!

Throw in a mix of stunning sheer maxi skirts, beautiful leather separates and some fab statement summer sandals and you've got a high street winner!

I know there are still some sales on, but please, bypass the temptation of a £10 cardigan that you really don't need, or want, and treat your wardrobe to some gorgeous new goodies!! Enjoy x

Pictures from and River Island

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sainsbury's Has Royal Wedding Fever!!

So the world of Royal Wedding souvenirs is going all out for our Kate and Wills! No doubt in the following weeks we will see the normal teapots, tea towels and commemorative plates, but for now, supermarket giant Sainsburys have released a corker!

Introducing the Kate and William souvenir t-shirt!! How cute!! the t-shirt reads: Kate and William sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G fun romantic gesture eh?

To make this top more fashion, I'd buy it in the biggest size they have, rip off the sleeves and rock it with a pair of leggings, denim shorts and some fab Doc Martens or equivalent. Proper British punk rock style combined with a touch of National pride...well why not! Of course, you could buy yourself two, and keep one in pristine condition for your grandkids to look at one day...and you never know, it could wind up on Antiques Roadshow 2050! Enjoy x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Prada's SS11 Campaign Makes Me Happy!!

I am not usually a sucker for ad campaigns, but Prada's SS11 campaign video has made me come over all smiley and happy!

Not only have they captured the spirit of summer and, in my opinion, clothing happiness with their SS11 collection, which is filled with colour, pattern, wacky designs and beautiful pieces (not to mention a whole heap of clashing colours and patterns...something I lurrrrrrve) but they have created a campaign video which encapsulates the whole mood of their collection, and is sure to bring a huge smile to your face!

I might not be able to afford the new collection...but I'm more than happy shopping the high street for knock offs, and watching this video to give me the balls and attitude to rock the Prada SS11 look! Take a leaf from Prada's book and enjoy colour and pattern this summer, and if you need a little inspiration, watch the video below and you'll be shakin' your booty and dressing brightly in no time!

Enjoy! x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Style Icon?

So it seems that there is a new Rihanna and Gaga on the block!

Introducing Nicki Minaj, you might not know that name yet, but you'll soon be very familiar. She's just released track "Check it Out" with (come's William) and Cheryl Cole and rocks some uber amazing Harajuku style outfits and hair it!!

Nicki Minaj has just landed in London town, and has already shown us some amazing out of this world looks. She isn't as Gaga as the Lady but her looks combine designer pieces and unique quirky touches - such as her Marge Simpson candy floss hair and psychedelic jumpsuits.

The girl has already done a crazy shoot for V Magazine, and I just love a girl who isn't afraid to take risks with her look. What do you think? Is the Minaj the new Rihanna or Lady Gaga? The girl is gorgeous, talented and fierce...I'm going to be keeping a close eye on this rock and roll rapper! Enjoy x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What a Fabulous Mousterpiece!!

I love it when three of my great loves: fashion, film and animals, all come together, and I wanted to share something with you that combines (in a weird kinda way) all three.

We've all noted the mad hysteria surrounding the recent engagemet of Prince Wills to Miss Middleton - I've even dedicated one (or three) postings to the couple, and more importantly, what the future princess chooses to wear for press shots. Well, it seems the movie industry has take note, I'm not talking about a Wills and Kate the movie before you get too excited!

Inspired by Steve Carrells hilarious taxidermist character in daft but brilliant movie Dinner for Schmucks, real-life taxidermist Sean Douglas has created a Royal Mousterpiece to coincide with the release of the movie on DVD...natch!

The Royal Mousterpiece affectionately captures the engagement announcement in minute detail including Kates sapphire and diamond engagement ring...OK, once you get past the creepy red eyes of mousey Wills, you have to admit, the likeness is uncanny! :) In the movie, Carrell gives new life to poor rodents who have tragically lost their little lives, by dressing them lovingly and putting them in idylic me, it's very sweet.

Mousey Kate looks gorgeous in her royal blue number, and that that ring just sparkles off her fur...what can I say, this may not be my regular fashion forward entry, but any take on the royal couple this original needs a mention!

If you want to get your paws (ha) on a copy of Dinner for Schmucks, follow click here. Enjoy! x 

Real Kate and Wills

Mousey Kate and Wills

Well, I can't tell the difference!! :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kristen Stewart Vogue Cover Girl?? Get the Forks Out of Here!!

OK, this is not a hate thing. I do admit, I don't like Kristen Stewart...and it's not because she has access to my dream husband R-Patz when she feels like it...well, maybe a little to do with that. The girl constantly moans about being in the public eye and being hounded by the paps (um, hello? Don't become an actress then little miss ungrateful!) She likened the pap attention to "being raped", but also, the girl still dresses and looks like a moody, "couldn't give a toss about fashion" teenager (I mean who - apart from Lily Allen circa 2005 - actually wheres a designer cocktail dress with sneakers to an awards show?) Plus, the girl never smiles!!

So as you can see, I am not K-Stew's biggest fan. I am however, a huge fan of fashion bible Vogue, and to my shock and horror, who did I see gracing the Feb 2011 cover? Little Miss Grouchy Pants! The lucky cow is sporting a fabulous Proenza Schouler gown, and was photographed by fashion legend Mario Testino (who else, this is Vogue after all!)

Once again, the girl doesn't crack a smile, and is shown in a uncomfortable pose clutching her arm...I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Am I missing something?? And again, she moans about the attention: "There's no way to eloquently put this. I just can't go to the mall. It bothers me that I can't be outside very often. And also to not ever be 'some girl' again. Just being some chick at some place, that's gone." (quote from Vogue)

Why oh why is K-Stew adorning the cover? I'm sorry Miss Swan, but better slink back to Forks where you can be all moody and mysterious, and leave the Vogue covers to the more fashion elite...or at least a gal who looks like she might appreciate it a bit more...oh, and if Rob gets bored of the chic moody thing you have going on, feel free to send him my way :) enjoy! x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Give your Nails a GLEE-icure!!

This is a post specifically for all you Gleeks out there...not only is my life a little better now that Glee is back on our screens, but you can now GLEE-ify your manicure! Glee and Sephora are releasing a line of New Directions-themed nail polish on Feb. 3! Eek...I do apologise for the amount of cyber squealing I am emitting, but this really is exciting news for me...and I ain't afraid to say it!
Here’s what we know so far: Glee Nail Color will be available everywhere Sephora products are sold. The seven Glee nail polish colors available will be: “Slushied” (Blue), “Hell to the No” (Purple), “Gleek Out” (Gliterry Green), “Diva-in-Training” (Pink), “Who Let The Dorks Out” (Green),”Miss Bossy Pants” (Raspberry), and “Mash-Up” (Grey). If you buy the set you will get three additional shades “Celibacy Club” (Diamond Top Coat), “Express Yourself To Yourself” (Coral), and “Sue Vs. Shue” (Navy Blue).
The only thing that is making me panic - we don't have Sephora's in the UK (anymore) - I don't know why, I loved the one stop beauty shop, and then they just disappeared. Hopefully (fingers crossed Gleeks) they'll be available online...but if they're not, I guess I'll be hoping on the Eurostar to Paris which is my closest store!!
What do you reckon? Will you be Gleeking up your manicure? I've got my eyes on "Slushied," "Hell to the No" and "Express Yourself to Yourself," great colours for spring summer. Enjoy! x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fab New T-Shirt and Hoodie Brand!

Now I'm not really a hoodie and t-shirt kinda gal. I love the rock chick look, but I've never quite been able to work it, and, to be honest, the whole "Camden Town" look has never really done it for me. So I was very pleasantly surprised and excited to be introduced to a fab new brand by a fellow fashionista friend of mine.

Dead Heroes are a unisex brand making t-shirts and hoodies inspired by Pop Art, Thrash metal, Skate and Punk culture, and have already been worn by UKs favourite clothes horse Fearne Cotton, as well as a host of cool rock bands. Anything that looks to great art movements and great figures from history (Abe Lincoln for example) for inspiration is doing something right in my books, and the designs are really unique - definitely not something you'll see in Topshop!

One of the people behind the brand is Mike Lewis of Lostprophets, and they have already featured in various publications including NYLON and FRONT and have had photoshoots with top fashion photographers and models.

So, if you feel like trying out a different look this year, have a gander at their website and bring out the inner rock chick in you! Enjoy! x

Fearne Cotton Rocking a Dead Heroes T

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Detox Your Wardrobe for Cancer Research UK!

How are you all getting along with your new year detox? Or have you even bothered doing one? I always find it so bloody hard to knock the bad stuff on the head (especially when it tastes so good!) So, this year, instead of detoxing your body (who are we kidding eh?) how about detoxing your wardrobe?

I am a huge advocate of vintage shopping and scoping out a charity shop in search of some hidden treasures, and I love encouraging people to do the same. However, instead of trying to persuade you to go out and buy (although you really should!) I am going to try and get you to donate!

Forget the New Year diets and hard-core fitness regimes, this month it’s all about slimming down your wardrobe.  No longer should ill-fitting, inappropriate clothing spill out over your bedroom in a feng shui nightmare. It’s time to get serious about the nationwide pandemic of wardrobe indigestion and ‘Detox Your Wardrobe’.

Cancer Research UK is running the fab “Detox Your Wardrobe” campaign throughout January, and they are urging people (and so am I) to donate all the clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, whatever it is to one of their 600 stores across the UK.

I am so guilty of holding onto clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and then going out and buying even more. With the sales still going on, I bet you’ve bought some random skirt or dress that you didn’t really want, and that you are still clinging onto a similar one (or five) that you bought in the last sales!

Let’s be honest, you’re never going to wear that dress again, or those jeans you bought with the hope of losing two stone because they were 50% off. It’s time to be ruthless and let them go! By donating your unwanted, but I’m sure still gorgeous, fashion cast offs to Cancer Research UK, you’ll be giving them the chance of a new loving home. What’s more, you’ll be helping to raise money to fund the charity’s lifesaving research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as each bag of donated goods can be worth up to £30 for Cancer Research UK.
TV presenter Konnie Huq and gorgeous fashionista and writer Dawn Porter are fronting this worthwhile campaign, so what are you waiting for? Get foraging and detox that wordrobe!

To donate clothing, accessories, quality homeware, books, CDs and DVDs simply hand in your donation bags to one of the 600 Cancer Research UK shops nationwide.  To find your nearest store and further information on supporting Cancer Research UK visit 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fashion Royalty goes Pop Art!

Just when I thought Kate Middleton couldn't possibly get anymore fashion cred - I am proven wrong by high end society glossy, Tatler.

Not only is the beautiful princess to be the Feb cover girl, but she has been given a fabulous pop art twist. For those familiar with this awesome movement in modern art, you will probably be most familiar with the name Andy Warhol and the image that probably springs to mind is Marylin Monroe, repeated over and over in different vibrant colours. This is exactly how Tatler have treated Miss Middleton, fun and colourful princess montage! Fabulous!

It is a departure in style for the title, which usually shoots major society and celebrity names for its cover, published with an accompanying interview - this feature does not have an interview, but rather has several features about the Royal couple.

This Tatler is sure to be a collectors issue, so make sure you grab yourself a copy to keep for always, it's out now. Enjoy! x

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Celeb Fashion Line!

Well now, Happy New Year! 2011 is now firmly upon us, I hope you all had an amazing new year's eve, however you chose to spend it, and that 2011 will be full of love, happiness and success for all of us (this is going to be a special year!) After an emotionally fuelled xmas and new year period - I am back with my finger once again firmly on the fashion button.

I wanted to share with you a feature I wrote for Pulse magazine, check out the link here: I'm going to be attempting to get a few more of these under my belt, so watch this space for the links.

Anyway, enough about me, onto the title of this post. I'm a huge fan (not even a guilty pleasure in my books) of the Hills, and even more so of the brilliant spin off, the City. Whitney Port's style and fashion line Whitney Eve is fab, and I do love her sweet and approachable persona, but, the villain of the show, Olivia Palermo, takes the cake with her fashion sense. The girl has got some wicked style, amazingly swishy hair and a wardrobe I would kill for...of course this viscious fashionista just managed to wrangle an Accessories Editor role at Elle (didn't you know how easy that was??) in the second season, after a brief stint as PR bitch at Diane Von Furstenburg.

So what next for the girl we love to hate? Well, her own spin off reality show and a clothing line of course! Yes, Miss Palermo has announced in her interview in Spain's January 2011 Vogue, that she will be the star of her own reality TV show where the cameras will focus on following her and her perfect bone structure around as she "designs" and "creates" her own designer line. This really is a concept that has never been done before....oh...apart from Whitney Port...and Lauren Conrad, star of the Hills, who is going to be launching her own show and clothing, all you need to do is move to Hollywood, get onto a reality TV show and BOOM - dream job at top glossy magazine and own clothing line. Easy, I'm there! Well, as much as I sarcastically comment on her, I am looking forward to seeing what Palermo comes up with, and adding another MTV reality show to my Sky+ box...may the fiance forgive me.

I'll be sure to post the pics and comments when the show finally hits our airwaves, in the mean time, would love to hear your thoughts. X