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Monday, 22 November 2010

What the Waissel??

Not a proper post - please excuse me, I shall post properly later, but I just wanted to have a looksee at what the luckiest (and most desperate) chick on TV looked like this weekend.

The X-Factor once again threw up a whole lot of shocked responses from the it worth commenting on how Wagner went through yet again, or how a relatively talented contestant (although I'm not a fan) went out, and the desperado that is KaWais stayed in?

Let's just have a quick look at the girl's new look - obviously, they are trying to create an entire image overhaul, in the hopes that the public might warm to her...the flaky psycho hair thing obviously isn't doing it for the Great British Public. So what do we think? Personally, the new elfin crop seems to be a plea to the public to see her as a new innocent "woe is me" figure, and even though she stated "this is me" I swear she said the exact same thing when she was wearing that Halloween get up with the ridiculous hair and freaky make-up! The dress was fab - can't argue with that, as I can't argue with Grace Woodward...but Katie...seriously, the new hair might have gotten you out of the bottom two, but surely by now (how old is she, 25?) you should know who you are. Copying Emma Watson ain't going to win the X-Factor for you.

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  1. Dying to know where the dress is from... Help!!