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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Ooh it is snowing outside, it's cold and blustery, but I love this time of year! The snow is so pretty and makes me want to dress all warm and snuggly!

There is nothing like a bout of snow to make me want to dress like an eskimo, in layers of cosy knits! So, I've been on the H&M website and have been truly inspired by some of their knitted gorgeous bits. I've posted some of my favourite pieces below, so have a looksee and remember, when it's cold and snowing outside, it gives you the perfect excuse to buy some lovely new warm things! Seeing as we've just had pay day, I think you can treat yourself to a piece or two.

Stock up on knits, faux fur and anything cosy and cuddly - enjoy! x

Cardigan £34.99

Dress £24.99

Earmuffs £2.99

Hat and mittens £12.99

Cardigan £49.99

Scarf £12.99

Cardigan £29.99

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