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Sunday, 21 November 2010

MAC and Me!

Fun day today - I had a make up trial for my upcoming wedding in Feb! A fab girl called Elina popped over with a SUITCASE...yes...a whole suitcase filled with delectable MAC goodies! She is not a weird hoarder, Elina works for MAC, pretty high up, and does freelance make-up on the side...fab way to make a living.

Now I am someone who is very particular about my make-up. I don't like foundation, I love dramatic eyes, and I like my eyeliner done only a certain way. That being said, I wanted to be open about the trial - but I knew that a typical "bridal" look is not something that I love experimenting with make up, especially my eyes, and I knew that a pretty and subtle look just wouldn't cut it, and I want to look like me on my wedding day..just better!

Elina was fab, she took all of this on board and whipped open her mouth dropped! It was as if she had swept an entire MAC counter into her bag. hundreds of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip pencils, dozens of foundations, powders and brushes and just a massive amount of eye shadow palettes, mascaras and eyeliners. Girl heaven in a bag.

I'm not going to give away too much, but needless to say, I was a MAC fan before, but now, I am their number one fan. The colours in the eyeshadows, pigments and lipsticks are just amazing. The mineralized foundation that Elina used glided on and felt like I was wearing nothing at all, but looked beautiful, and the lip gloss I opted for was a special charity edition, where the proceeds (minus VAT of course) goes to helping fight HIV and AIDS - it also looked perfect!

MAC have got some amazing collections at the moment, and I highly recommend popping down to your closest MAC counter (try going to Harrods if you can and ask for Elina) and testing out some products and fill your basket. My favourite has to be Venomous Villains - iinspired by the Dark Side of Disney the collection has four parts corresponding to each of the evil cartoon villains.
Cruella De Ville, the fur loving, skunk haired glam villain from 101 Dalmatians.
Evil Queen, the jealous and vain beauty queen from Snow White.
Maleficent, the witch/dragon who is quite possibly the scariest Disney baddy of all time from Sleeping Beauty.
Last but not least Dr Facilier, the voodoo baddy from The Princess and the Frog.

Other products I really recommend from today are Viva Glam, a new collection which features Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga - the lipgloss I'm wearing on my wedding day is from this collection. The Mineralize foundation, which goes on like a dream and the Prep and Prime Skin lotion, which is fab for popping onto the face before applying make up, as it minimises pores, gets rid of oils and makes make up stay put all day! Perfect for brides.

I've put some pics below so have a look, and check out the website. Enjoy x

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