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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Animal Magic

I don't know what it is at the moment, but animal magic is in the air! It seems every shop I go into, there are panda bear scarves, raccoon hats, rabbit mittens, cat ears on fur hats, teddy bear heads attached to scarves, and even tiger head hats!

This kitsch craze sprung up last year with the odd one or two pieces, when Katy Perry was spotted wearing the famous panda bear beanie. I immediately brought into this craze, but I would like to point out, I bought my hat before Miss Perry bought hers! (I've already told you I like weird things in previous posts!) but this year, this cute craze has blown up! I'm sure a lot of people will turn around and say it's stupid and childish, but I personally love it! What's wrong with sticking a panda bear hat on with matching mittens when it's cold out? They look cute and fun and show a personality, even if the person wearing it is minus one!

The best places to get yourself some fun and lovable knitwear (teddy bear fashion) is, as always, the high street. River Island have the best selection, with animals ranging from tigers to pandas, raccoons to cats! Topshop has brought into the craze with tiger print furry hats with ears, and Zara has a cute beanie with pom pom ears (maybe better for those slightly afraid of the animal madness?) Enjoy! x

River Island £32.99

River Island £19.99

River Island £12.99

Topshop £14

Topshop £24.99

Zara £9.99

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