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Thursday, 4 November 2010

LEGO Jewellery? Yes Please!

Hands up if you loved LEGO as a kid? It was all about the LEGO/Play Mobil divide in my house, but those colourful building blocks and funny little characters have never lost their appeal. Now being slightly older, LEGO has come back into my life in a more grown up fashion…kind of.

LEGO has just launched a funky limited edition ring! Designed by Lisa Taylor, this fab and stylish rings are the first pieces in the official LEGO jewellery line. The rings are sterling silver and the best part about them, their interchangeable! So, basically you choose one of two ring designs, which come in more than 15 colours – so you can style them up however you like. Taylor will also be producing 23 charms to accessorise the ring, with designs perfect for the festive season such as Christmas trees and flowers.

I really love these rings, as you know from previous entries, I have a thing about funky, quirky jewellery, and these rings set me all of a quiver…I love that you can make them individual by mixing and matching whatever colour you like, as with such a statement bit of bling on your finger, you really don’t need to bother with any other jewellery…unless of course LEGO come up with a few necklace designs!

The rings are available to buy now, exclusively at Selfridges, and retails at £50. The LEGO charms will retail from £15 - £20 each…enjoy x

LEGO® rings by Lisa Taylor £50 exclusively at Selfridges

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