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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Sales Are Calling!!

Hello my lovely readers, I'm sorry I have been out of touch for so long - but now the majority of the xmas hubbub is over, and we have a couple of days to prepare ourselves for new year's eve - I thought it was time to return to blog land.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and that you got everything you wanted. I had a lovely few days with family and loved ones, as well as more food than I needed to eat and more xmas movies that I've seen a million times each! But it was all in the name of xmas fun.

Obviously my parents read my blog, as they scoured previous posts and bought me things that I have gushed over - a very effective way of writing a wish list I have discovered - including knits from Zara, great pieces from Gap and some gorgeous faux fur lined boots from River Island. My favourite gift though was from my lovely boy - an Amazon Kindle - an amazing present as I am a huge bookworm, and have a habit of lugging heavy books around in my handbag. If you are like me, you'll love this little baby!

Now, enough about my presents - and onto what usually comes next after Christmas - THE SALES!

I am usually not a big fan of the sales, some shops (cough - River Island - cough) seem to only drag out the dregs that never even made it onto the shop floor over the season. People get manic, head to the stores the night before to get in a queue to get their hands on some toot that they really don't need, and knock other people out at the same time. All the festive cheer, and goodwill to all mankind goes out of the window when those sale signs are produced.

I don't usually go to the sales, but this year, I thought I should check them out, as there were several things I saw (well, about a hundred) over the past few months, and I wanted to see if any of them had made the cut. We got up stupidly early and headed to the Brent Cross. Happily for me, I was able to find a bunch of items which I have wanted and they were all half price! I didn't go crazy - the sequin skirt from Gap and a couple of dresses from Zara - just enough of a shopping fix to give me that satisfied feeling!

Now, for the rest of you, if you haven't braved the sales, but want to, please make sure you follow the sales rules:

The January sales are a game of skill, a challenge that requires both self discipline and physical endurance, so make sure you head out early so you can be back early with your feet up watching whatever DVD you got for xmas this year (Eclipse...mmm...thanks mum!).

Make a list! If you have seen things over the months that you really loved but could not afford, make sure you head to the stores to find just that. Do not get sucked into the vortex of cheap crap that you really don't need, don't want or don't even like that much, just because it's 50% off.

Read the fashion mags - the fashion folk are there for a reason, they know what will be in season and on trend in the new season, so use the sales as a reason to invest. I bought two dresses from Zara - long sleeve, knee length styles which are a light weight fabric, perfect with woolly tights, boots and cardigans now and then for Spring, knee high socks and brogues - great transitional pieces!

Buy investment pieces. It's unlikely that a shearling bomber jacket will be on trend next autumn winter, it was a bit of a passing trend, so bypass the Burberry version or cheaper Topshop version, and instead, opt for something with a bit of longevity. A tailored coat with a faux fur collar, or a camel coat - items which are timeless and classic.

Be prepared! It might sound stupid, but you need to be armed and ready for the sales. Wear comfy flat shoes, an outfit that you can whip on and off quickly (if fitting rooms are open) and make sure they are lightweight so you don't get too overheated! Take a small bag which you can sling over your shoulder and a bottle of water.

I'm going to be posting a blog of the best sales shortly, but from what I have seen, avoid River Island and Topshop - rails of unwanted and unloved mismatched items, and head to Zara, Mango, John Lewis, Fenwicks and Warehouse. Of course, you could be even more savvy and just do some Internet shopping - lines are added daily and you don't have to worry about the nasty crowds!

Be safe, buy wisely and enjoy! x

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