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Thursday, 2 December 2010

I Love Me Some LUSH!

When it is as cold and blustery as it is at the moment, and you're left shivering in your Uggs, there is one thing I love more than anything, and that is a hot, bubbly Lush bath.

I have been a huge fan of Lush ever since my young teenage years, and have even worked there during my university summer holidays. Basically, I love Lush, so, I was very happy when the lovely people at Lush sent me a beautiful box of Christmassy themed goodies...heavenly. So, as trying as it was, I tested out each and every product to bring you the best of what Lush has to offer this festive season. Pay attention, get to Lush and treat your loved ones to some oh so lovely smelling goodies this Chrismakuh.

First up, Winter Bath ballistic. Taking inspiration from Japanese bathing traditions, this warming beauty smells good enough to eat, and the added soya milk will make your skin super soft! There are spicy ginger oils and clove bud to warm your body and get your circulation pumping again.

Winter Warmer Ballistic

Next up, Once a Year massage bar. All I can say is mmmmmm...This moustache adorned bar of cocoa butter is infused with brandy and cinnamon and is the perfect treat to massage into your aching body...or someone elses, if you're feeling generous!

Once a Year Massage Bar

Moving on, we have the Lil'Lush Pud Bath Ballistic - this is such a cutey! Looks just like a weeny Christmas pudding. It's full of aloe vera, lemon peel and spicy clove powder - be warned, it'll make you want to drink the bath water!

Lil Lush Pud Bath Ballistic

A lovely little ballistic next, So White will make your bath look like a blanket of snow, and make it smell like beautiful fresh apples. There are small bits of bubble bar in here which makes it even frothier and refreshing!

So White Ballistic

Next, Christmas Eve bubble bar...Ooh this is just lovely. Not only does it look gorgeous, but crumble this bad boy under hot running water, and you are sure to have a restful nights sleep. Full of jasmine and ylang ylang, the sparkly (yes, there are sparkles) bubbles will soften your skin - thanks to irish moss - and relax your body and mind...bliss!

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Finally we have the Boogg! Great name eh? Every year the Burning of the Boogg festival takes place in Switzerland just after Christmas. The locals fill a snowman's head with fireworks and place it on a bonfire - the longer it takes for his head to explode, the better the following summer will be. This gorgeous ballistic will fill your bath with colour and a lovely herbal fragrance.

The Boogg Bath Ballistic

What else can I say but, enjoy! x

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