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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Have a Stylish Halloween

Seeing as it is Halloween, I thought I would put together a little look from the high street, that will guarantee you to be the foxiest and most fashionably dressed on this spookiest of days. I'm bored of cat ears and vampire teeth, so whip on this gorgeous Gothic ensemble, for a look that is sexy, stylish and perfect for Halloween. The best thing about it, each piece is totally wearable and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! x
Petula Rose Platform Sandals £45 Topshop

Silk Tutu Dress by Unique £200 Topshop

Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland necklace £50 ASOS
Head Piece £14.99 River Island
Bracelet set £14.99  River Island

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Last night I had a bit of trouble falling asleep, so I decided to see if there were any movies on to lull me into dreamland, and I came across an absolute gem from my childhood, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Now, call me odd, but as I was lying there watching this brilliant film, I couldn't help but notice the clothes the women, in particular mouthy Carrie, wore. The colour palette for the costumes are those gorgeous earthy tones we saw all over the AW2010 catwalk, from designers such as Chloe, Kenzo and Max Mara. Navy blues mixed with rich camel tones and subtle floral prints, not to mention the new mid calf length skirt which is proving to be so popular now.

In particular, Carrie's deep camel dress and blue cardi combo, along with her cute scarf knotted around her neck, really caught my eye. Especially as I'm sure I've seen and lusted over pieces in Zara recently that look identical to her WW2 ensemble!

Have a look at the images below, all from Zara's current collection (available to buy online and in store) and tell me I'm wrong! Love the movie and love the fashion even more! Head to Zara now and create your own Disney inspired look. I wonder what's next, make up tips from the Little Mermaid?

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Coat £59.99

Overcoat with Belt £119

Cardigan £19.99

Sweater £29.99

Cardigan £25.99

Friday, 29 October 2010

Peter's Dreamland of Nightime Fabulousness

OK, I'll let you in on a little secret. When the boy and I went travelling a few years back, we stumbled upon a little treasure that is huge in the land of Oz, but virtually unheard of over here. Now I love dressing up. I love buying clothes, layering them, getting dolled up (in my own quirky slightly strange way) for a night out, but sometimes, a little PJ action is required.
Allow me to introduce you to Peter Alexander. This incredible designer has created without doubt the best PJ's, nightware and leisure ware available. A visit to the website alone is enough to make you fall in love. Each season, new designs emerge, from unicorns to spacemen, cowboys to flowers on PJ pants, sets, nightshirts, sexy night dresses and cosy robes; there truly is something for everyone.
When we first walked into the store in Melbourne, I immediately grabbed about eight pairs of PJ pants, leopard print, garden roses, spacemen, skulls and some other wacky creations. I only managed to buy two pairs (travelling with a rucksack for almost 4 months left little room for shopping) but I have been a regular visitor to their website ever since, updating my PJ drawer (make that drawers) each season. The menfolk are also catered for at this bedtime dreamland, and not only that, you can get yourself a matching pair, his and hers! This is something the boy and I keep meaning to do, but I haven't quite convinced him yet.
The prices are reasonable for the designs and quality of the pieces - around $40 for a pair of PJ bottoms (roughly £24) and delivery time is pretty snappish. The only slightly strange thing is that when it's our winter, it's their summer and vice versa, so, as it works in the wonderful world of fashion, you have to stock up a season ahead, buy your summer nightware now and keep it locked away and when our springtime hits, get your hands on their snuggly winter garbs.
Sigh...makes me never want to get dressed again!

French Floral Wide Pant $45 AUD

French Rose Slinky Gown $79 AUD

Gingerbreadman roll up pant $39.90 AUD

Spooky Bat Hipster Pants $39.90 AUD

All Styles are available to buy from: and keep an eye out for Peter's sausage dog Penny, the fabulous face of the brand! Too cute! 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Me Love Zena!

I am a little obsessed with the amazingly bonkers jewellery from designer Zena Mckeown, whose brand is known as Me & Zena.

I am someone who does not like ordinary necklaces; I can't abide by silly little chains and ropes of beads. I love a chunky chain and a ridiculous pendant...seriously, my collection contains birds, foxes, rabbits in top hats, feathers, birdcages, unicorns, a magnifying glass and a claw dangling from a rope of gold, to name but a few! Me & Zena appeals to me so much because it's as if the designer crawled into my head and picked my brain of all my wildest jewellery fantasies!

Unicorns, leopards, space ships, robots and vampire teeth in the form of necklaces, rings and bracelets...they are all bloody brilliant! I am desperate to get my hands on the gold robot necklace but it is forever out of stock – thus proving the desirability of this brand. Zena combines fantasy, fashion and all round kookiness to create a collection of jewellery that will never date and will always add something special to any outfit - and you're sure to get a few comments.

Warning - not for the fashion shy – only for the fashion fabulous!

Leopard Necklace £19

We Come in Peace UFO necklace - £28

Mighty Robot £28

Bright Eyes Rabbit Ring £25

All available at

Running in French Heels

Oh how I love a good pair of shoes. What do I love even more than a good pair of shoes? Roughly 10,000 pairs of shoes!! Fab new shoe website Sarenza has just launched in the UK - they're France's number one shoe website and are bringing a little of that French sophistication to our shores.

Not only will the website keep you browsing in happy bliss for hours (seriously, you'll be up lusting over these shoes all night) but they've also introduced their fabulously wacky High Heel Race to us Brits.

Long story short, sign up to and you could be in with a chance to compete in a High Heel Race grand final in Paris. Not only do the competing teams win a fab girly weekend in Paris, but...drum roll please...the winning team gets £2,500 worth of gorgeous shoes! Not only that, fashion sweetheart of the moment Zara Martin will be there cheering the girls on and spreading her fashion credentials.Worth a possible twisted ankle for? I think so! If that isn't enough to convince you, check out these beauties below, all available on the website


Studio TMLS

Chie Mihara

Friis and Company

The Wisdom of Ugly Betty

I'll never forget the words of one of my first bosses in the weird and wonderful world of fashion - "we need to stamp the niceness out of you." about no? No matter what this "lady" or anyone else says, you do not have to be a bitch, be conniving or be two faced in order to succeed in this industry. I have met some people that live up to the typical fashion persona, always looking out for number one, in it for the freebies, in it for the schmoozing, parties and of course the arse kissing. However, I have also met some of the loveliest most genuine kind hearted people who are in this business for the right reasons, the love of fashion, beautiful designs, creativity and fun - let's face it, we're not curing cancer here, fashion should be fun!

I have never once felt the need to change who I am. I was raised to be considerate and genuine and have parents that are kind and loving to the core, so why should I let a so-called "shallow" industry change that? I believe I have gotten where I am but sticking to my roots and my beliefs.

I absolutely adore this industry, I love designers, high street, styling, writing, the parties, the magazines, the blogs, and the freedom that fashion gives you, allowing you to dress however you want and be whoever you want to be. I hope that I am always involved in fashion, no matter where life takes me and I fully expected to keep meeting the schmucks of this world, but I know I'll also be lucky enough to meet the genuine fashion lovers out there who make this industry so amazing.

So saieth my first blog words. Don't expect the rest of my posts to be so preachy...sorry about that...just wanted something a little deeper for the first post :) Thanks and hope you enjoy.

Claire Belle xx