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Friday, 29 October 2010

Peter's Dreamland of Nightime Fabulousness

OK, I'll let you in on a little secret. When the boy and I went travelling a few years back, we stumbled upon a little treasure that is huge in the land of Oz, but virtually unheard of over here. Now I love dressing up. I love buying clothes, layering them, getting dolled up (in my own quirky slightly strange way) for a night out, but sometimes, a little PJ action is required.
Allow me to introduce you to Peter Alexander. This incredible designer has created without doubt the best PJ's, nightware and leisure ware available. A visit to the website alone is enough to make you fall in love. Each season, new designs emerge, from unicorns to spacemen, cowboys to flowers on PJ pants, sets, nightshirts, sexy night dresses and cosy robes; there truly is something for everyone.
When we first walked into the store in Melbourne, I immediately grabbed about eight pairs of PJ pants, leopard print, garden roses, spacemen, skulls and some other wacky creations. I only managed to buy two pairs (travelling with a rucksack for almost 4 months left little room for shopping) but I have been a regular visitor to their website ever since, updating my PJ drawer (make that drawers) each season. The menfolk are also catered for at this bedtime dreamland, and not only that, you can get yourself a matching pair, his and hers! This is something the boy and I keep meaning to do, but I haven't quite convinced him yet.
The prices are reasonable for the designs and quality of the pieces - around $40 for a pair of PJ bottoms (roughly £24) and delivery time is pretty snappish. The only slightly strange thing is that when it's our winter, it's their summer and vice versa, so, as it works in the wonderful world of fashion, you have to stock up a season ahead, buy your summer nightware now and keep it locked away and when our springtime hits, get your hands on their snuggly winter garbs.
Sigh...makes me never want to get dressed again!

French Floral Wide Pant $45 AUD

French Rose Slinky Gown $79 AUD

Gingerbreadman roll up pant $39.90 AUD

Spooky Bat Hipster Pants $39.90 AUD

All Styles are available to buy from: and keep an eye out for Peter's sausage dog Penny, the fabulous face of the brand! Too cute! 

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