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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

I just wanted to do a quick post today as I won't really have the chance to post tomorrow...being Christmas and all!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already. This year has flown by. I keep thinking how crazy it is that this time last year I was pregnant, I had no idea if I was having a boy or girl and my life seemed totally different. It's been an eventful and wonderful year and I am very excited to see what 2014 has in store.

I'm going to be spending today with my hubby and Elijah and Christmas day is going to be with both mine and Darren's family, which will be fun - especially as there will be two babies experiencing their first Christmas, complete with lots of presents and wrapping paper - every baby's favourite thing. Boxing Day will be spent in my onesie and then with my whole family (about 25 of us) at my auntie and uncle's house.

I can't wait and I will definitely not be counting Points for a couple of days...we're doing Nigella's turkey recipe, so the diet is on hold for 72 hours.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderful day and that Santa brings you everything you wish for.

Happy Christmas from the Belle of the Ball family to yours xx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

You know when you hear about those products that you always want to try out but never get around to actually buying?

Well the amount of amazing things I have heard about Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap has always made me want to try it, and amazingly, I was offered to be sent some of the samples to try out myself. Cue squeal of delight.

Now this soap has been heralded as a little miracle. It is described as; "A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed." 

This basically means that it can be used for anything and everything - skin, hair, teeth(!!), clothes, as a massage oil, to clean make up brushes...apparently it has 18 uses in one. Bargain. I was sent two of the liquid soaps - the lavender one and the green tea and hemp one and then two of the soap bars, the peppermint and the baby mild one.

So far, I have used them to clean my hands, my face and my make up brushes (amazing, the make up literally dissolves off of the brushes). The smell of the soaps, in particular the lavender one, is gorgeous. As they are made from oils, they feel and smell beautiful. They even recommend using them as a massage oil. I actually massaged a tiny bit into my temples at bed time and I slept like a baby!

Speaking of babies, I have used the baby mild soap bar on Elijah, who has quite sensitive skin, even for a 9 month old, and it caused no reaction and left him skin soft and smelling even lovelier than normal.

I have a way to go to make my way through the rest of the 18 uses, but so far, I am a Dr. Bronner Magic Soap lover!

Have you tried the Magic Soap? Enjoy x

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Onesie

Yay, I've jumped on the onesie bandwagon...I am such a sell out!

I was out with my sister in law the other day and we popped into New Look and lo and behold, they were having a 30% off event off of their onesies. Now, my sis loves her onesies...she lives in them and she has been trying to convince me to get one for a while. I've always looked at them and gone...meh. I get why people love them and why they are appealing but I've never gone for it.

Well, with a £15 New Look credit burning a hole in my purse and with 30% off, this festive beauty cost pennies, so I decided to give it a whirl.

And am I glad I did! I bought this on Friday, I am writing this on Sunday morning and I have barely taken it off. It is soooooooo cosy and comfy. I love the print and the colour. We've already decided that we will be wearing our onesies all of Christmas morning...and probably Boxing Day...and let's face it, the whole of the Xmas period!

Here are some snaps of the onesie, and Elijah decided that he had to join me in the pics. What a poser...wonder where he gets that from.

What do you think of onesies? Are you a fan? Enjoy x

Sunday, 15 December 2013


This was meant to be posted on Friday...I don't know why it didn't go up...must have been a glitch with Blogger. Oh well,better late than never!

So Friday was sort of an unofficial Christmas Jumper Day! People in offices and at home everywhere donned their gorgeously tacky Christmas jumpers in order to spread a little festive cheer and raise money for charity.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, here is a little pic of Elijah and I wearing our Christmas jumpers - both from Primark don't you know? I bought myself and Darren matching Santa Claus versions from Primark last year, so Darren wore his to work, but...a new year, a near jumper for me! Plus I had to get one for the newest addition to our family. My jumper was £12 and Eli's was £8. Total bargains.

Did you wear your Christmas jumpers on Friday? I'll be rocking mine on the big day itself too! Enjoy x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Bag Fit For A Claire Belle

Ok, I have not blogged for a very long time...I am very naughty and I am sorry. The only excuse I have is that the little one is taking up a lot of my time and I have been doing quite a bit on writing and trying to sort out work for the new those are my excuses. They're poor really. Soz!


I wanted to share this amazing birthday present that I got from one of my loveliest friends, Sophie. This is a girl that knows me very well and we have a lot of the same interests and love the same things. Glee, kitschy homeware, Primark and the Poundshop to name a few! Anywhoo, Sophie presented me with an ultra fabulous present over a sushi catch up, and here it is:

It's my very own Claire Belle make up bag. I love it so much. It was designed by Lisa Bea bespoke bags and is a hot pink leather exterior, with a leopard print interior and a glitter "Claire Belle" and heart design on the front.

I obviously squealed with delight when I opened it as, firstly, I needed a new make up bag and secondly, IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!

A personalised gift like this makes such a great present and I'll definitely be looking into them for a few pressies in the future.

What do you think of my Claire Belle bag? Do you have any personalised goodies? Enjoy x