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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Monki-ing Around

There has been a lot of buzz about quirky brand Monki recently. If you want a bit of background info on the brand, check out a post I did last year here.

Up until very recently, I had to get my Monki fit at the little concession at Selfridges. It’s a lovely concession really, very well laid out and it displays the product very well, but because of its size, it doesn’t make the most of the brand’s personality…and this is a brand with a lot of personality!

Well, now you can get a big Monki fix at their new store in Carnaby Street! I went for a mooch around yesterday and used up my whole lunch hour! The shop is laid out like a slick, high fashion boutique, with products arranged in a very stylised and unique way. There is a lot of colour, light and quirky touches, such as the Monki characters, placed around the shop. It is on 2 levels and there are cute quotes on the walls and mirrored chandeliers.

I fell in love with the shop. It has a really relaxed feel about it and isn’t overly merchandised, so you feel as if you can really see everything they have to offer. As for the clothing…I struggled not to spend my entire monthly salary! Oversized shirts, spring jackets, pretty pastels, flatforms, floaty pencil skirts, baggy dresses, lace and florals and so much more! I picked up a floral print dress and a lace dress and I have my eye on a couple of pairs of shoes and a stripy dress…but I’ll try and contain myself until next pay day!

I’ve taken a few snaps below of the shop and the products. Have you been into Monki? What do you think of the clothing? Enjoy x

obsessed with these!!!

one of my purchases

just some pretty flowers outside Liberty - nothing to do with Monki, but everyone likes to look at pretty flowers right??

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