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Thursday, 15 March 2012

What's Caught My Eye This Week...

It finally feels as if spring has sprung!

I'm keeping optimistic that it won't just be a little blip like a few weeks ago.

It's been a busy week...went out running last night which is the first time in ages! I'm normally a zumba girl, but I thought I would try and mix it up this week, considering the weather is so gorgeous :)

With warm weather on the brain and distant dreams of long sunny days & long summer nights, I've been having a mooch around the shops and have made my new spring wish list...for this week at least!

I'm really loving all of the bright colours, warm tones, feminine cuts and shapes and fab nail varnish colours. One thing I am always on the look out every summer is the perfect summer shoe. I never seem to have enough options for warm weather footwear, so I've spotted two pairs this week that I love and might have to indulge in.

Have you spotted any fabulous spring/summer must-haves? Enjoy x

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