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Sunday, 18 March 2012

I Heart Printed Trousers

A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of silk tapered trousers with a fabulous Aztec print on them. This was during the summer when a lightweight pair of trousers are the perfect choice for work or play. However, when I wore these printed lovelies, the comments came in thick and fast..."Ooh...their unusual" "you look weird" "I wish I had the confidence to wear something like that" you get the picture!

Now I thought these trousers were fabulous, and the fact that I didn't really see anyone else (apart from a brave few) wearing something like this, made me feel...special!

Well, it seems as if everyone else has finally caught up with this fab trend, and printed trousers have suddenly flooded the high street! Designers showed them strutting down their runways for the SS12 collections, and the styles and prints that the high street have adopted make these trousers suitable for now and for going into autumn!

I've chosen a few of my favourite styles that have caught my eye, with prints ranging from tropical (thank you Stella McCartney) to floral to tribal to abstract! There's a print for every mood.

What do you think about printed trousers? Would you be brave enough to rock a pair? Enjoy x


dorothy perkins

river island

river island





  1. Love the Zara ones, they are amazing!

  2. aren't they gorgeous?? thanks for reading x