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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kristen Stewart Covers Elle - June 2012

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I am not a big fan of Kristen Stewart. It's not JUST because she gets to do unspeakable things to Robert Pattinson and Taylor's not JUST because she gets to wear amazing clothes and always has to do something "quirky" to make them look kind of cheap and not so classy and it's not JUST because the girl never EVER's all of the above really.

I have noted that the girl doesn't ever seem go look happy. I get the whole brooding actress thing, but come on girl...crack a smile!!

However, this has not stopped some of the world's best and biggest fashion designers, brands and magazines wanting to team up with the young actress. She's been on more magazine covers than she's had hot dinners, and this month is no exception.

One of my fave and most sentimental magazines, Elle, has chosen Belle Swan as their June cover girl - as she is gearing up for the release of her new movie; Snow White and the Huntsman. The 21 year old is dressed in a gorgeous white Jil Sander sweater and dress...amazing outfit, but big smile! Just a slightly peed off expression. It would be so refreshing to see her smile, in just one shot, and as Elle is such a fun and down to earth magazine, it would be great if they could have gotten her looking young, fun and happy. Oh well, she has a long career ahead of her and hopefully we'll see her smile on a cover one day :)

What do you think of Kristen Stewart? Enjoy x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Must Have Dress From Wallis!

I have got quite a few weddings to go to this year, including 3 in the summer months. As such, I have been on the hunt for the perfect dresses to wear to each special occasion. As several of the weddings are family affairs and thus have the same-ish guests, it is important to wear something different at each wedding. Luckily for me, I work somewhere where gorgeous dresses come in abundance, however, I can only borrow so many!

Therefore, I have been searching for a few extra dresses...and shoes...and handbags :)

I couldn't actually believe it when I spotted this stunning one shoulder maxi dress from...Wallis! I have never really shopped at Wallis. My mum LOVES Wallis and she always looks gorgeous in their styles. Recently I have noticed them taking a younger, more fashion forward approach to their designs, following the all important trends but giving them a slightly more grown-up edge.

I love one shoulder designs, and the vibrant, almost neon aztec print is perfect for a summer wedding. I have noticed that the final dress on sale is slightly different to the campaign shot dress, but I do appreciate that styles and designs can change from post-production samples to the final article. I have also managed to track down the fabulous gladiator sandals that the model wears in the campaign image, and if I'm quick, I can get the whole outfit for £67! Ooh...I'd be silly not to really.

What do you think of the dress? Have you bought anything from Wallis recently? Enjoy x

was £60 now £48

was £29 now £19

Friday, 20 April 2012

Lady Gaga's Armani Costumes for Asia Tour are Revealed!

Gaga fans and fashion lovers rejoice, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! These new costume designs from Giorgio Armani for the Born This Way Ball Tour, which is kicking off in Seoul on April 27th, have finally been revealed. The custom made Armani wardrobe features latex, metal, studs and PVC which are all combined to create some amazing style statements for Gaga's Little Monsters. From black bodices decorated with mirrored inserts to playsuits featuring guitars, each outfit is unique, quirky, stylish and without a doubt memorable.

The man himself commented on the collection: “Collaborating with Lady Gaga is always an exciting experience for me. I admire the way she uses fashion as a scenic element and as a means to build a character. She is an artist of many talents and great intelligence.  Creating stage costumes for her is a stimulating and creative exercise."

I cannot wait to see Gaga rock these outfits on stage. Bring on the pictures. Enjoy x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Topshop Sale is now on Online!

Sorry for the week long was my brother's wedding on Sunday and there has been a lot going on!! It was a fantastic day, I cried a lot, danced a lot and I now have a sister! Love!

the happy and gorgeous couple

I also have some exciting blogging news which I will be able to reveal a bit more next week...stay tuned.

Anyway, on to today, I just received an e-mail from Topshop, which reveals a preview of their sale, which officially starts tomorrow. I've had a trawl through the website and have actually discovered some fabulous bargains...although, a lot of the stuff they seem to have brought out again from their winter sale...oh well, I guess you should never look a bargain in the that an expression!?

From shoes to coats to jewellery to dresses, here is my pick of the Toppers sale...hurry up and get online today though to make sure you don't miss out on the best of it.

What do you think of the sale? Have you found anything gorgeous? Enjoy x

was £75 now £35

was £90 now £45

was £28 now £20

was £80 now £40

was £16.50 now £8.25

was £25 now £15

was £26 now £15

was £38 now £8

was £35 now £17.50

was £32 now £16

was £80 now £40

Monday, 16 April 2012

Holiday Purchases!

I'm off on holiday in a weeks time! I'm so excited. I haven't been away for over a year, and the thought of setting off to a gorgeous hotel over looking the ocean is making me very happy. We're heading off to Dubrovnik in Croatia for 10 days to a very swanky looking hotel.

Of course, a holiday calls for a few new outfits...and nail varnishes...but come's a holiday. I've done a bit of browsing online and hit the shops on my lunch break last week. I wanted a new nail varnish and after finally picking up Hedonist from the Hed Kandi range from Models Own, I decided to try a colour from Topshop which has had several rave reviews.

The weather's not going to be too hot, about 21 degrees so I've been looking for maxi dresses, playsuits and layers. Here's what I picked up last week:

Pool Party from Topshop
This is the colour I picked up from Topshop. It's called Pool Party and there has been a lot of buzz about it recently. It's such a pretty shade - a bluey green and it looks gorgeous with a touch of Models Own Beetlejuice over the top to add a bit of shimmer.

Maxi dress from River Island
This vintage looking maxi dress is from the Chelsea Girl range at River Island. It's got a really pretty print and a slash neck which I love. Plus it's really long which is perfect for me.

T Shirt dress from River Island
I love photographic prints and this oversized t shirt dress is the perfect mix of edgy cool, trendy and feminine. Just need a tan.

dress from Zara
How pretty is this dress? It's got a sweet vintage feel about it, floaty sleeves, a billowy shape and will look gorgeous with flat sandals and a pretty gold necklace. Love the embroidery detailing.

dress from Topshop sweater from H&M
The leopard print skirt is actually a dipped hem dress - £15 in the sale from Topshop. I love it, it's a size bigger than I normally take, so it's really floaty. I've teamed it with a loose knit sweater from H&M as it was really gold today, but in Croatia I'll hopefully be able to wear it solo. It's perfect with a leather biker and boots in the winter.

So there we go. I might pick up a few more bits this week, I want a couple of spring knits including a fluro orange sweater from Topshop. I love holiday shopping! Have you brought anything recently? Enjoy x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Purchases This Week!

Hello! I hope you all had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend. I can't believe I've been back at work for two days already!

I did a little shopping over the long weekend. I ventured into St. Albans on Saturday (made such a nice change to London) with my sis in-law to be and our mums for a little pre-wedding pampering at the Champney's Day Spa, and afterwards, we hit the shops.

I haven't been shopping for ages...and I mean ages...even the hubby has commented that I haven't been coming home laden with bags recently, so I thought I deserved a little treat. Here's what I picked up for myself:

cherry batiste, soap and glory eyeliner, models own nail varnishes

I thought I'd pick up a couple of make up bits from Boots. I love a Boots shop, it always feels so satisfying! Above is the entire mini haul.

I've heard fantastic things about Soap and Glory's felt tip eyeliner pen. These are my favourite kind of eyeliners - easy to apply, long lasting and fun to use. Honestly, I can't live without eyeliner!

I love Batiste. What did we do before dry shampoo came along?? I've been wanting to try the new scents for a while now, and I thought I'd try the cherry scent. Amazing smell, does the job and looks so cute.

A fabulous colour from Models Own Beetlejuice range, Indian Ocean - a colour I've seen talked about a lot on some of my fave beauty blogs. It's a pretty transluscent blue/lilac which you can wear alone or over another colour. Check back for a full on review!

I've been hearing good things about Models Own new Hed Kandi range. I decided to try Beach Party - this amazing bright neon orange. I love it! Next to try is Hedonist, a neon coral shade. Check back for a full on review!

top, sweater and necklace all from h&m

This gorgeous chunky necklace is from H&M. I love the 1970's feel about it, but there is also something slightly art deco about it. Whatever, for £4.99 it had to be mine!

I love this top. It's billowy and shimmery and oh so pretty! I'll wear it layered over and under tops and dresses to add that boho vibe. £7.99 - bargain!

denim sleeveless jacket and sandals from New Look

I love these sandals. New Look do them in loads of different colours, but I love the mixture of earthy tones of this pair. I also really wanted the gold and black version, but they were sold out of my size :( oh well, for £19.99 I'll be picking them up online.

I've been after a sleeveless denim jacket for a while. I think they look so cute over maxi dresses and sequins! They also work well with the 90's revival trend that's so big right now. Bit of a style staple really. This baby was £19.99

So there you go! What do you think of my little haul? Have you treated yourself to anything recently? Enjoy x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cover to Cover

Elle magazine has always been one of my favourite glossy mags. I interned there for six months when I first started my fashion career and I have been a loyal reader ever since.

As well as the UK version of the mag, I love the US version. I do think our version has the edge - I may be biased, but British style always out does US style! But the covers do rival each other and each month there seems to be a battle, who has the best cover.

This month is a tricky one, in the US corner, is queen of individual style and pop hip hop star Rihanna and in the UK corner is English rose and all round stunner Emily Blunt. Both girls look beautiful. Rihanna looks fierce and ultra glamorous in a full Versace get up from the SS12 collection, a smoking 80's inspired barnet and a fabulous front on facial pose. Emily Blunt on the other hand looks demure yet powerful in a stunning black Fendi number, a sleek updo and natural, smoky make-up.

It really is a tough one to call, both women look amazing, but if I had to choose my favourite, I think I'd have to go with Emily Blunt. I normally hate poses which show the underarms, but this one if just gorgeous. Aspirational and fashionable without being OTT. Hats off to you Elle UK and USA, you sure can shoot a cover!

Who gets your vote? Enjoy x

Friday, 6 April 2012

River Island - Top 10 of the Sale

With all of the mid season sales, promotions, % off offers and more, shopping the sales can be pretty overwhelming!

I decided to make a list of my favourite high street stores and select my top ten pieces of their current mid season sale (can you believe we're there already? AW12 will be hitting the rails in no time!)

I think it's fine to pick up pieces in the sale which you know you may only wear a handful of times, especially if it's for an upcoming holiday or from a trend which you may not be too sure about, but want to try out. Always try and go for more wearable items though...don't let those % off signs blind you into a shopping frenzy!

My first mid season sale top ten is from one of my favourites, River Island. I'm not normally a huge fan of their sales, but this year, they actually seemed to put a lot of good stuff in there...yay!

So here is my top ten from the River Island sale. What do you think of the sales? Have you treated yourself to anything special? Enjoy x

was £55 now £30

was £18 now £10

was £25 now £12

was £59 now £15

was £25 now £12

was £30 now £15

was £42 now £20

was £28 now £12

was £25 now £10

was £30 now £12