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Monday, 2 April 2012

Wavy Hair!

It's my brother's wedding coming up in two weeks time! He's marrying a fabulous girl who has quickly become one of my best friends and already feels like a sister. I can't wait for the wedding, and over the weekend, the bride to be and I had our hair trials for the big day!

I used to have super short hair, and I have been growing it for the best part of two years, something which is so boring to do! My hair is dead straight and almost black, and I thought it would be really fun to put in a couple of hair extensions (not too long) and have my hair made wavy for the big day. Something natural and quite ethereal looking. I've bought a couple of pretty flowers which match my bridesmaids dress to finish off the look.

Luckily, bride to be Michelle already owns a selection of amazing extensions, so, the hair stylish secured them in, set the tongs on high and proceeded to give my hair soft, natural looking waves. I loved how it looks, and cannot wait to rock the look on the big day! I've put a couple of shots below, one of me with my hair as it is now, and one with the final wavy look! x

hmm...shorter...straighter hair

Ooh...longer wavy hair!

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