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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cover to Cover

Elle magazine has always been one of my favourite glossy mags. I interned there for six months when I first started my fashion career and I have been a loyal reader ever since.

As well as the UK version of the mag, I love the US version. I do think our version has the edge - I may be biased, but British style always out does US style! But the covers do rival each other and each month there seems to be a battle, who has the best cover.

This month is a tricky one, in the US corner, is queen of individual style and pop hip hop star Rihanna and in the UK corner is English rose and all round stunner Emily Blunt. Both girls look beautiful. Rihanna looks fierce and ultra glamorous in a full Versace get up from the SS12 collection, a smoking 80's inspired barnet and a fabulous front on facial pose. Emily Blunt on the other hand looks demure yet powerful in a stunning black Fendi number, a sleek updo and natural, smoky make-up.

It really is a tough one to call, both women look amazing, but if I had to choose my favourite, I think I'd have to go with Emily Blunt. I normally hate poses which show the underarms, but this one if just gorgeous. Aspirational and fashionable without being OTT. Hats off to you Elle UK and USA, you sure can shoot a cover!

Who gets your vote? Enjoy x

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