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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kristen Stewart Covers Elle - June 2012

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I am not a big fan of Kristen Stewart. It's not JUST because she gets to do unspeakable things to Robert Pattinson and Taylor's not JUST because she gets to wear amazing clothes and always has to do something "quirky" to make them look kind of cheap and not so classy and it's not JUST because the girl never EVER's all of the above really.

I have noted that the girl doesn't ever seem go look happy. I get the whole brooding actress thing, but come on girl...crack a smile!!

However, this has not stopped some of the world's best and biggest fashion designers, brands and magazines wanting to team up with the young actress. She's been on more magazine covers than she's had hot dinners, and this month is no exception.

One of my fave and most sentimental magazines, Elle, has chosen Belle Swan as their June cover girl - as she is gearing up for the release of her new movie; Snow White and the Huntsman. The 21 year old is dressed in a gorgeous white Jil Sander sweater and dress...amazing outfit, but big smile! Just a slightly peed off expression. It would be so refreshing to see her smile, in just one shot, and as Elle is such a fun and down to earth magazine, it would be great if they could have gotten her looking young, fun and happy. Oh well, she has a long career ahead of her and hopefully we'll see her smile on a cover one day :)

What do you think of Kristen Stewart? Enjoy x

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