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Friday, 27 June 2014

That Shop Around the Corner

You know when you stumble across a real treasure of a shop, and part of you wants to keep it a secret, so no one knows where you bought that amazing gift from and part of you wants to rave about it so everyone can go? Well, I  have found such a shop and decided to do the latter...rave about it and, more precisely, blog about it!

I work in Kensal Rise (just off of Ladbroke Grove) and it is a little hive of activity. Cool, little independent shops and restaurants, a smattering of celebs, a canal with pretty barges and a laid back vibe. It's an area of London I have never worked in before (and I have worked ALL over London) so I was a bit unsure of it at first, but I have actually grown to love it.

During lunch breaks, I like to go out for a wander, either down by the canal or to check out the local shops and cafes. I always pass a little gift shop called Rise and I have always been so tempted to go in, but often found myself in too much of a rush. The shop frontage is so intriguing, that most people stop to have a little peek when they pass. The shop's sign is that if an old fairground sign. The word RISE spelled out with light bulbs surrounding the letters and a general vintage look about it.  There is a black chalk board outside the shop, which always has a fun or witty quote or slogan written on it in white chalk. The shop window contains all those gorgeous little bits and bobs, which I always find so difficult not to buy - homeware, jugs, candles, mugs, Jelly Cat teddies...things basically saying "please buy me!"

Last week I actually had a genuine reason to venture in. It was my parent's anniversary and I wanted to get them a present and card and I thought that Rise should be able to rise (sorry) to the occasion!

I popped along during my lunch and had a lovely schmooze. The shop is small but beautifully presented. Signs, candles, jugs, cushions, gorgeous cards and wrapping paper, door mats and door stops, incense and delightful bits and bobs all called to me and I instantly fell in love. A Russian Doll water decanter was very almost purchased, as was the giant white Jelly Cat rabbit (a favourite of Elijah) and the beaten leather cat door stop almost found its way home with me, when my eyes fell upon a gorgeous display of Rob Ryan pieces. If you are not familiar with Rob Ryan, he is an amazing artist who creates intricate illustrations of sweet, whimsical scenes. Displayed on a lovely wooden display case, were Rob Ryan mugs, jugs, plates and the most gorgeous white ceramic vase with a blue design of a boy and girl smelling some flowers, with the words "Smell Us" written on it. My dad recently (accidentally) broke one of their vases, so this seemed like the perfect choice!

I was asked if I would like it gift wrapped for an additional pound and the choice of wrapping paper was so adorable and kitsch, I couldn't say no! I chose a beautiful pink paper with Bambi and love hearts in white silhouette decorating it. Topped off with a yellow ribbon, the gift looked too good to open! While it was being wrapped, I continued to look around the shop. Gorgeous kitchenware adorned with illustrations of animals caught my eye, along with displays of glassware and beautiful cushions. The greeting card display was filled with fun and colour cards, the kind you always take ages to look at and read because they are all so delightful and sweet.

Fast forward a few days and my parents loved their present. I loved buying it, which always makes the process so much nicer. I can't wait for another excuse to go back to Rise and choose another present...but then I really need an excuse?!

If you fancy paying Rise a visit, you can find them at 21 Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AE. Maybe I'll bump ino you there! Enjoy x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sticky Fingers by Models Own

I had a little schmooze in Boots the other day, as I had to pick up a couple of essentials (isn't that always the way it starts?)

We're staying at my parents for a few weeks, while we have some work done to our house and over the weekend, I realised that I really didn't bring enough nail varnishes with me. As summer is well and truly on its way, I decided that a few new summer shades were an essential buy. And yes, I could pick some up from the house and bring them to my parents...but it's a good excuse to buy some new bottles, and the collection could always do with a refresh.

I was going to opt for a couple of Essie shades, but then the Models Own stand caught my eye. A stunning neon pinky/red immediately found its way into my basket, followed by an adorable little box containing a beautiful pastel pistachio shade called Pastel Petals Green and a roll of floral stickers. Behold Models Own Sticky Fingers collection. A collection of must-have shades, which come with a roll of stickers, which complement the colour.

We are running a floral design competition at work at the moment and my thoughts during the working week are consumed with all things floral related, so this choice was right up my street.

The colour is so me - in fact, it's the colour I want to paint my new kitchen, so you could say this purchase was all in the name of research! I applied 2 coats of the colour and then waited till they were touch dry before carefully peeling off the floral stickers and gently placing them on my nails. I then applied a layer of top coat and left them to dry.

The effect was really pretty. I think I should have waited a bit longer before I stuck the pictures on my nails, as the corners peeled up a little bit, because I couldn't press them on hard, so when I give it another go, I'll make sure I am more patient and wait a little while longer. Overall though, it is a really sweet idea and a quick (and lazy) way to customise your nails.

Have you tried the Models Own Sticky Fingers? What do you think of the range? Enjoy x