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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Give your Nails a GLEE-icure!!

This is a post specifically for all you Gleeks out there...not only is my life a little better now that Glee is back on our screens, but you can now GLEE-ify your manicure! Glee and Sephora are releasing a line of New Directions-themed nail polish on Feb. 3! Eek...I do apologise for the amount of cyber squealing I am emitting, but this really is exciting news for me...and I ain't afraid to say it!
Here’s what we know so far: Glee Nail Color will be available everywhere Sephora products are sold. The seven Glee nail polish colors available will be: “Slushied” (Blue), “Hell to the No” (Purple), “Gleek Out” (Gliterry Green), “Diva-in-Training” (Pink), “Who Let The Dorks Out” (Green),”Miss Bossy Pants” (Raspberry), and “Mash-Up” (Grey). If you buy the set you will get three additional shades “Celibacy Club” (Diamond Top Coat), “Express Yourself To Yourself” (Coral), and “Sue Vs. Shue” (Navy Blue).
The only thing that is making me panic - we don't have Sephora's in the UK (anymore) - I don't know why, I loved the one stop beauty shop, and then they just disappeared. Hopefully (fingers crossed Gleeks) they'll be available online...but if they're not, I guess I'll be hoping on the Eurostar to Paris which is my closest store!!
What do you reckon? Will you be Gleeking up your manicure? I've got my eyes on "Slushied," "Hell to the No" and "Express Yourself to Yourself," great colours for spring summer. Enjoy! x

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