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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Detox Your Wardrobe for Cancer Research UK!

How are you all getting along with your new year detox? Or have you even bothered doing one? I always find it so bloody hard to knock the bad stuff on the head (especially when it tastes so good!) So, this year, instead of detoxing your body (who are we kidding eh?) how about detoxing your wardrobe?

I am a huge advocate of vintage shopping and scoping out a charity shop in search of some hidden treasures, and I love encouraging people to do the same. However, instead of trying to persuade you to go out and buy (although you really should!) I am going to try and get you to donate!

Forget the New Year diets and hard-core fitness regimes, this month it’s all about slimming down your wardrobe.  No longer should ill-fitting, inappropriate clothing spill out over your bedroom in a feng shui nightmare. It’s time to get serious about the nationwide pandemic of wardrobe indigestion and ‘Detox Your Wardrobe’.

Cancer Research UK is running the fab “Detox Your Wardrobe” campaign throughout January, and they are urging people (and so am I) to donate all the clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, whatever it is to one of their 600 stores across the UK.

I am so guilty of holding onto clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and then going out and buying even more. With the sales still going on, I bet you’ve bought some random skirt or dress that you didn’t really want, and that you are still clinging onto a similar one (or five) that you bought in the last sales!

Let’s be honest, you’re never going to wear that dress again, or those jeans you bought with the hope of losing two stone because they were 50% off. It’s time to be ruthless and let them go! By donating your unwanted, but I’m sure still gorgeous, fashion cast offs to Cancer Research UK, you’ll be giving them the chance of a new loving home. What’s more, you’ll be helping to raise money to fund the charity’s lifesaving research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as each bag of donated goods can be worth up to £30 for Cancer Research UK.
TV presenter Konnie Huq and gorgeous fashionista and writer Dawn Porter are fronting this worthwhile campaign, so what are you waiting for? Get foraging and detox that wordrobe!

To donate clothing, accessories, quality homeware, books, CDs and DVDs simply hand in your donation bags to one of the 600 Cancer Research UK shops nationwide.  To find your nearest store and further information on supporting Cancer Research UK visit 

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