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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fashion Royalty goes Pop Art!

Just when I thought Kate Middleton couldn't possibly get anymore fashion cred - I am proven wrong by high end society glossy, Tatler.

Not only is the beautiful princess to be the Feb cover girl, but she has been given a fabulous pop art twist. For those familiar with this awesome movement in modern art, you will probably be most familiar with the name Andy Warhol and the image that probably springs to mind is Marylin Monroe, repeated over and over in different vibrant colours. This is exactly how Tatler have treated Miss Middleton, fun and colourful princess montage! Fabulous!

It is a departure in style for the title, which usually shoots major society and celebrity names for its cover, published with an accompanying interview - this feature does not have an interview, but rather has several features about the Royal couple.

This Tatler is sure to be a collectors issue, so make sure you grab yourself a copy to keep for always, it's out now. Enjoy! x

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  1. What a great cover for Tatler! Love it. Kate Middleton's style icon status is going to rocket! How exciting. Enjoying your blog x