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Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Celeb Fashion Line!

Well now, Happy New Year! 2011 is now firmly upon us, I hope you all had an amazing new year's eve, however you chose to spend it, and that 2011 will be full of love, happiness and success for all of us (this is going to be a special year!) After an emotionally fuelled xmas and new year period - I am back with my finger once again firmly on the fashion button.

I wanted to share with you a feature I wrote for Pulse magazine, check out the link here: I'm going to be attempting to get a few more of these under my belt, so watch this space for the links.

Anyway, enough about me, onto the title of this post. I'm a huge fan (not even a guilty pleasure in my books) of the Hills, and even more so of the brilliant spin off, the City. Whitney Port's style and fashion line Whitney Eve is fab, and I do love her sweet and approachable persona, but, the villain of the show, Olivia Palermo, takes the cake with her fashion sense. The girl has got some wicked style, amazingly swishy hair and a wardrobe I would kill for...of course this viscious fashionista just managed to wrangle an Accessories Editor role at Elle (didn't you know how easy that was??) in the second season, after a brief stint as PR bitch at Diane Von Furstenburg.

So what next for the girl we love to hate? Well, her own spin off reality show and a clothing line of course! Yes, Miss Palermo has announced in her interview in Spain's January 2011 Vogue, that she will be the star of her own reality TV show where the cameras will focus on following her and her perfect bone structure around as she "designs" and "creates" her own designer line. This really is a concept that has never been done before....oh...apart from Whitney Port...and Lauren Conrad, star of the Hills, who is going to be launching her own show and clothing, all you need to do is move to Hollywood, get onto a reality TV show and BOOM - dream job at top glossy magazine and own clothing line. Easy, I'm there! Well, as much as I sarcastically comment on her, I am looking forward to seeing what Palermo comes up with, and adding another MTV reality show to my Sky+ box...may the fiance forgive me.

I'll be sure to post the pics and comments when the show finally hits our airwaves, in the mean time, would love to hear your thoughts. X

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