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Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Style Icon?

So it seems that there is a new Rihanna and Gaga on the block!

Introducing Nicki Minaj, you might not know that name yet, but you'll soon be very familiar. She's just released track "Check it Out" with (come's William) and Cheryl Cole and rocks some uber amazing Harajuku style outfits and hair it!!

Nicki Minaj has just landed in London town, and has already shown us some amazing out of this world looks. She isn't as Gaga as the Lady but her looks combine designer pieces and unique quirky touches - such as her Marge Simpson candy floss hair and psychedelic jumpsuits.

The girl has already done a crazy shoot for V Magazine, and I just love a girl who isn't afraid to take risks with her look. What do you think? Is the Minaj the new Rihanna or Lady Gaga? The girl is gorgeous, talented and fierce...I'm going to be keeping a close eye on this rock and roll rapper! Enjoy x

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