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Friday, 7 October 2011

Monki Love!

A couple of weeks ago during Vogue's Fashion Night Out (read about it here) I popped into Selfridges with a couple of friends  - one of whom is an amaaaazing artist! Check out her stuff here - to check out the new H&M concession (again, read about that here). It's a gorgeous concession, boutique like and filled with the best that H&M has to offer in its current collection. However, what really caught our eye was the concession across from it, a brand that I had never seen before, but we were instantly drawn to it.

The brand was Monki, and for those of you who haven't heard of it, it's from the same group as H&M and COS, so the designs are similar in that they are quirky, on-trend without being overly "fashiony" and distinctly unique. I love the slight geeky quality that the clothes have, with cute animal prints, chunky knits, ankle boots, skater skirts, shift dresses, cute bags and jewellery, peter pan collars...Ooh I could go on!!

The descriptions for the clothes are beyond cute. Check this out for way of a description for the Tilda jumper below: "Life is a fairy-tale this autumn. Skip and hop and stride like a queen over the fields of the Monki World, chase the big bad wolf and play a game of tag with secret-keeper Nokimi. Tilda is the cape to keep you company – or to rock the streets in. Elegant and eye-catching, she is a classically knit and oh so mmm-mmmm... " Don't you just love it??

The brand, although relatively new to the UK, is now available to purchase online (yay) and the prices are extremely reasonable - £12 for a massive chunky scarf, £30 for a dress, £25 for shoes...those sort of prices, really similar to H&M.

I've put a few of my favourite pieces below. I'd love to know what you think! Enjoy x
Annika Dress
Lilian Dress
Lisa Dress
Annika Blouse
Bibi Blouse
Huga Cardi
Lee Gilet
Andora Jacket
Stina Skirt
Mona Boots
Brighty Briefcase
Nora scarf

Agatha Dress


  1. I love Monki! I got the Lillian dress and I am so happy with it


  2. I'm so happy I stumbled across it! x