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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Olivia Palermo's Blog is now Live!

So it has been the fave bit of gossip for fashion folks over the past few months - rumours that style maven and girl you love to hate, Olivia Palermo was going to launch her own fashion blog.

Well, the time has come and Miss Palermo's blog is now live! The blog lists sixteen members of staff on the mast, it's actually more of a website/online mag then?! I thought the point of blogs was the blogger's opinions and thoughts, and theirs alone...oh well. At least the girl's being honest I guess!!

The blog is simply titled, Olivia Palermo...natch...and has 5 catagories; fashion, accessories, lifestyle, travel and tips. This is Miss Paleremo's welcome entry...and I note that this is the only entry she has supposedly done so far:

"This past July I returned stateside from the Paris collections – and a mini-vacation – to see my girlfriends peppering me with questions as to where fashion is moving towards next. They want the inside track, which I, of course, could not possibly provide. They also wanted to see all of my hidden treasures and finds that I sourced during my jaunt. It’s curious to me as none of them are in fashion, but the fascination with the industry comes from their love of clothes, accessories and beauty.

Providing a forum to express my fashion inspirations from across the globe, it is my goal to show that style is international. In the coming weeks, you will read about my trips to Paris and London, seeing how the locals live, shop and dress. Each country has a distinct pulse on fashion, which I hope you will enjoy.
Also in the coming weeks are some amazing contributors who will be adding their views. I want to take this time to give a special thank-you to everyone on my team. Focusing on the details, my editorial staff will take you on the task of turning jeans and a tee into a red-carpet worthy look on a daily basis. In this digital age where information – and fashion – moves faster each season, I hope that you will continue on this journey with me."

Oh well, no matter how much she contributes, doesn't contribute, I'm sure I'll be an avid reader anyway, so fickle am I!!But what do you think? Will you be reading? Enjoy x

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