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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Birds of a Feather Fly Fashionably Together

Keira Knightly and Carey Mulligan at the British Film Festival

What a double dose of lady like loveliness! Although I'm not a fan of her waif appearance, I do love Miss Knightly's style, and Carey Mulligan's quirky, British, girly image, combined with her tomboyish hair, is another winner in my books! So when I saw the two stepping out together at the British Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, expectations were high as to what the glam pair would muster up.

I was not let down. Both girl's looks complimented each other beautifully - mixing an old fashioned colour palette and silhouette, with a modern twist. I absolutely love the yellow of Carey's dress, and the oh-so feminine blouse and fresh of the catwalk Rodarte skirt of Miss Knightly's just work so well together. Carey's dress is the perfect blend of trends that are hot for SS11 - mustard yellow, CHECK, pleating, CHECK, knee length skirt, CHECK!

Give the girls a round of applause, they really do look fab and proudly lead the way for aspiring British fashionistas everywhere.

Now, I can't afford (at the moment) a Proenza Schouler dress or a Rodarte skirt, let alone those YSL heels, so, if you fancy putting together a similar look for yourself, check out the below pieces for a high street inspired get the look!

Enjoy x

Keira Knightly

Carey Mulligan

Print Dress £24.99 H&M

Top £17.99 H&M

Brown leather high heel brogues £39.99 New Look

Yellow Dress £50 Topshop

Black patent high heel brogues £19.99 New Look
Black belt with gold stitching £14.99 Zara

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  1. I kind of like that H&M top and kind of LOVE the Topshop dress...OMGoodness!!