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Monday, 15 November 2010

Something cute for a Sunday night!

This is not much of a post tonight, I do apologise, as I am trying to make my blog more of a daily fashion flash - like a little fash mag each day - well that's the aim! Tonight though I am exhausted, after a weekend of gorgeous babies (not mine!) family, friends, engagement parties and a 500 mile round trip in a car with the boy getting very frustrated at the traffic, I have just walked into my nook, had a cuppa, watched in distress and pure fury the X-Factor results (seriously, what the hell?!) and want to do the smallest of postings of something I am a little obsessed with.

You've gathered my now my love of Japanese fashion, well, I also have an obsession with all things Japanese, and these little Momji dolls are among my favourite! Momiji Dolls are collectable friendship dolls, each with their own characteristics, likes and dislikes. At the base of every doll is a slot into which can be used to hide a secret or friendship message for someone special - cuuuute! They are so gorgeous, I currently have about 6 scattered around the house. They just add a gorgeous bit of colour and personality and they make the sweetest presents. They come wrapped in little japanese take out boxes and little sayings on the side. I am not a doll fan, in fact, I hate dolls, creepy little bastards, but these are something else. So sweet, so collectable, and perfect for Chrismakuh presents, or a little gift for yourself.

They're stocked at John Lewis and Selfridges, as well as plenty of other places and are about £11 each. Check out the website and be prepared to go: awwwwwwwwwww!!! enjoy!

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