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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Faux Love

I love the winter! Mostly because of the fashion. I love layering up, I love knitted things and woolly things, I love hats, scarfs and mittens, and most of all, I love faux fur!

This season, the faux is everywhere, from Russian hats at Primark (£3 total bargain) to faux fur mittens at New Look to faux fur stoles at River Island. We can thank Chanel's AW2010 show for the faux overload, and I truly believe with fur, it's better to fake it! I wore an amazing faux gilet the other day and everyone commented on it, they could not believe it was fake, and it was so soft and warm, no one had to know if was £12 from Primark! I've also got a huge collection of Russian and pilot hats, earmuffs and faux trimmed boots, which keep me warm and (I think) looking pretty alright!

Some people are skeptical of the trend, but I urge you to try it out...a gilet, a hat, a scarf, give faux a go! Enjoy x

Trapper hat £29.99 River Island
Faux fur gilet £75 Topshop
Premium faux fur collared coat £175 Topshop
Faux fur leopard print stole £29.99 Zara

Grey faux fur trapper hat £19.99 River Island

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah. Definitely been going for the faux fur pretty much every winter and now there's so much choice. It keep you toasty and snug and my Tok (er is that a real name for a russian hat?) makes me feel instantly glamorous. Strange that as it gives you a big fluffy head and flat hair... But £3 from Primark is dangerously cheap!! Hope they run out as you don't want everyone to have similar hats! I love those stoles... but often they're real fur if you get them second hand. Personally, I think that if it has already been made/vintage then it's OK... Not sure why designers are using real fur these days though. No need for that.