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Friday, 12 November 2010


I am a girl who loves a good cuppa. Scrap that, a cup of tea (made well – milk first) is one of my all time favourite things. Now, you may have noticed a certain group of old skool tea characters are back, gracing our TVs once again – I’m talking about of course, the Tetley Tea Folk!
These awesome characters were last seen on screen in the iconic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s ads, and now that they are back with us, not digitally enhanced and not in HD – proper vintage,  what better way to pay homage to Gaffer and the crew than with these awesome t-shirts, starring the Tetley Tea Folk.
Tetley have teamed up with must-have celebrity t-shirt brand Truffle Shuffle to create four unique designs.  The vintage style tees are available for both men and women and are being sold exclusively at priced £20. Grab yourself your favourite style and snuggle down with a lovely cuppa…mmm…enjoy!

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