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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

OMG Lanvin Loonies!!

OK so I know I have already done a post on the Lanvin collection, but now, the collection is finally available to buy!! Collective WHOO HOO!

The collection went on sale at over 200 stores worldwide yesterday morning and there were hoards of fashionistas desperate to get their mitts on these more precious than gold pieces. Some die hard fans actually camped out overnight to make sure they got in first!

Everything in this collection (even the carrier bags are gorgeous and oh so stylish!) is brilliant. Highlight pieces include a gorgeous one shoulder ruffle yellow dress and a beautiful floral flouncy number, if you go on the website now, you'll see that EVERY item (bar one cap) is sold out! Eek! Some crafty fashion folk have already put their gubbings on ebay, selling the pieces for up to 4 x their retail price...hmmm..

Customers were only allowed to buy one of each item, and with people boycotting changing rooms, you can expect a flurry of unsuitable returns this week - so don't lose heart if you haven't managed to get your piece of fashion history just yet, and don't give into the ebay trap. Just keep checking the website and speaking to your local store to find out if there have been returns yet. Good luck and enjoy x

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