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Monday, 8 November 2010

The Fabulous Factor!

I’m not going to get started on what happened on last night’s X Factor results (how is that drama queen still in, HOW??) I am instead going to rave about the styling transformation that has taken place on this year’s show! It’s amazing what a difference a new Fashion Director can make, and with the incredible talent that is Grace Woodward, it’s no wonder the contestants look like they’ve stepped off of a high-end magazine shoot!

For those unaware, Grace Woodward is kind of a big deal (and the woman I aspire to be!) She is a stylist, writer and creative director, has won Stylist of the Year, has an amazing celeb clientele, is a judge on Britain’s Next Top Model and has styled shoots for publications including Harpers Bazaar, Sunday Times Style, Elle, Tank and Nylon, and now this member of fashion royalty is waving her magical styling wand all over the X Factor contestants.

Because of Woodward, the girly finalists look cool, polished, edgy and impossibly fashionable and directional, and the guys (maybe Wagner excluded) look stylish, funky and individual. For once, Haute Couture is blended with High Street in an impeccable manner, and the result is fashion fabulousness! Have a gander at the below pics and fingers crossed they keep Grace on at X Factor HQ next year…and every year after! Enjoy x

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  1. Not sure about some of Rebecca's 'looks' but we love her!