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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Harry Potter and the legendary VOGUE shoot

I am a bit of a geek. I love the Harry Potter books, and, as much as they aren’t that brilliant, I do have to watch every film – and I can’t wait for Deathly Hallows part one. Now, the kids (I say kids, what are they 30 now?) aren’t exactly the best actors, and Hermione’s character does irritate me slightly…however, Emma Watson (the actress who plays Her-mione for those living under a rock) has built her street and style credit up remarkably. She’s gone from annoying, buck-toothed 11 year old, kitted out in Osh-Kosh-Bagosh to Burberry campaign starring fashionista.

It was really no surprise then to see the newly elfin-cropped starlet gracing the front cover of December’s Vogue. It was, however, a surprise to see how utterly beautiful, impeccably stylish and incredibly fresh she looked. Of course, if I had Vogue’s styling team working on me for hours, a Valentino couture dress and legendary photographer Mario Testino shooting me, I’m sure I’d look alright too!

It is so nice seeing a young British woman experimenting so freely with her style – she was bound by her Harry Potter contract (signed by a magical quill I’m sure) to not change her hair or her appearance for the entire duration of the films, so now that she is a free woman, Miss Watson has gone all out with her new style. Emma says in her Vogue interview: “For the nine years I was on Harry Potter I was contractually obliged not to cut my hair, not to tan,” she said. “All the normal things girls so, I couldn’t. So when I got the chance to change my appearance, this is what I did.”

I have to admit, I have a bit of a girl crush on the young mud blood now, it’s amazing what this crop has done for her, and the shoot is just beautiful - a bit film noir, a bit Breakfast at Tiffany’s and very Parisian chic. Have a look at the pics below and grab yourself a December Vogue – also fab as this is the first issue you can buy as an iPhone app! Groundbreaking stuff people.

All images and quotes from Vogue December 2010

Emma Watson in Decembe's Vogue - Shot by Mario Testino

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