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Saturday, 7 January 2012

I Love Sparkly Nails

Just the other day I was searching for the perfect sparkly nail varnish, and, amazingly, today my manager gave me a belated xmas present - a gorgeous sparkly nail varnish my one of my favourite varnish brands - O.P.I.

The varnish is made up of different sized sparkles, which paint on really smoothly, without leaving unsightly clumps like some other sparkly varnishes I've used. In the pics below you can see the effect - the sparkles are really dazzling and twinkle like fairy lights! I've only applied two coats and if looks like a solid colour. The nail varnish dries really quickly, and just needs a quick coat of top coat and voila! Gorgeous sparkly nails.

I realise this is my second nail varnish post in a week, I'm having a bit of a love affair with the stuff at the moment and would love to hear some of your suggestions as to what to try next. Enjoy x

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