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Monday, 2 January 2012

Nails Inc Metallic Nail Polish

The other day I was out in South Molton Street and I decided to pop into the Nails Inc bar and check out some new colours to add to my ever growing nail varnish collection.

While I was browsing, the sales assistant pointed me in the direction of the metallic effect varnishes. I've heard quite a lit of hype about these varnishes but have always been a bit sceptical. However, I decided to give them a whirl, especially as £1 from every purchase goes to the Princes Trust Charity. The polishes cost £13 and you get a little booklet to see you through the process.

I went with a colour called Whitehall - a beautiful dark sea green - a colour I have never tried before. The nail varnish comes with a magnet on the lid and a little lip so that you can balance the magnet carefully over each nail. The varnish works really easily - you paint on your base coat as normal and then your first coat of the varnish. Wait for that to dry and then paint the second coat on one by one. After painting each individual nail with the second coat, you hold the magnet over each nail for about 15 seconds, and when you remove the magnet, you're left with a really cool metallic effect! Like small waves, very impressive. Do all the nails the same way, wait for them to dry and paint on your top coat.

I'm really impressed with the results and will definitely be looking to invest in the other colours in the collection.

What do you think? Have you tried this nail varnish? Enjoy x

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