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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lindsay Lohan is Back in the Fashion Eye!

Never really been a big fan of Li-Lo...too much drama, too much attitude and makes more headlines for screw-ups, anorexia, pretend lesbianism and court cases than good movies. But, the girl is gorgeous and the fashion world always seems to embrace her.

Enough time has now passed to excuse Li-Lo for the disasterous Ungaro collaboration...if your not familiar, do your research on Google! She's been out of the lime light recently, but Lindsay Lohan is back with two stunning ad campaigns.The first, Philipp Plein. This campaign is fresh, sexy, cool and oh so stylish. Especially obsessed with the floaty powder blue dress, but not too sure how I feel about the dark, dark eyebrows and uber blonde hair!

The second campaign is with our very own FCUK and their new fragrance Friction. Smoking hot and very sexy...I mean half her face is covered by the male model's hair, but I guess that's part of the story! This shot comes from Lohan's January 2010 shoot for Muse magazine. I haven't smelt the perfume yet, but it is described as an "alluring blend of citrus, sensual musk, and warm woods–scents with addictive notes that pique all five senses," Friction features Lohan and male model Petey Wright in a lusty embrace!

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