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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cool, Quirky, Kawaii Jewellery and More!

As a blogger, I love keeping up to date with other bloggers, reading their blogs and meeting other bloggers. It's a great big blogging world out there, and it's always one of my daily activities to check out my favourites.

One such favourite does much more than just blog. She started her own jewellery and accessory business, online, and her blog is a fabulous way to showcase her style, what she creates and sells and it obviously got her noticed, as she won Look's 2011 bloggers comp! The blog and the website is called Temporary Secretary, and it's a fab blog where Sarah showcases her fab style and even fabber (is that a word) jewellery range.

I am such a fan of cute, quirky and slightly strange jewellery (which you'll be well aware of if you know me or read my blog on a regular basis), and the Temporary Secretary range is right up my street! She also sells a range of Japanese bits and bobs, another of my obsessions!! I adore the rings and necklaces - a full english breakfast on a plate on a ring? Or a slice of cake on a ring? How about birds on a branch on a necklace, or alice in wonderland style brooches, OR a gorgeous satchel bag with a fox face? All this sound great? Then you have to check out the online store.

I've put a few of my favourite pieces below. Check them out and add something new and fun to your accessories collection. Enjoy x

Necklace £15.95

Brooches £7

Book £3

Ring £14

Ring £10

Bracelet £35

Erasers £2

Bag £18


  1. Thank you so much for dedicating your blog post! I'll put this link on my blogroll! Lots and lots and lots of love xxx

  2. of course!! thanks for making such gorg jewellery! lots of love back x