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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Make-Up Moment...or Two!

I suddenly realised that I don't do enough beauty and make-up posts, so I decided to rectify the situation - after all, I love make-up almost as much as clothes, and love learning about the season's latest trends, and hearing about exciting news in the make-up and beauty world!

So, be prepared for a few beauty related posts over the next few days!

One thing I love discovering is new and very affordable brands, who care about how their product looks, works, the packaging and the affordability. I remember last year when Primark released their own make-up range which looked almost as good as Benefit on the outside, and believe it or not, actually looked really great on too.

I was sent some samples to try out from Tesco's Barbara Daly range (which I have never tried but always wondered about) and from Wilkinson (yes the bargain-ness homeware and hardware store) who have just launched a range called Rebel. The first thing I check is the brands packaging. The Rebel range is colourful, fun and very girly. I was a bit surprised when I was told the range was by Wilkinson, but their PR assured me they’ve done make up and beauty products for a while but this year they have relaunched each different category which are all bench marked against the top brands.

The Rebel range includes some really fun (and ultra affordable pieces). I was sent a lip palette, an eye-shadow palette and some bath fizzes (one of my favourite things in the world). In terms of the whole range, the lip palettes come in really pretty colour combos, pinks and reds, in sweet boxes complete with a lip brush and a mirror - very handy for popping in your handbag., and at £1.50 (yes...£1.50) you can't go wrong really!

Next, a whole lipgloss set containing 5 double ended lipglosses for £3. The colours range from soft pinks to fire engine reds, bronzes and golds to deep berries. Basically, a colour for every mood. The gloss goes on smoothly and only a bit sticky, so much better then I was expecting for the super cheap price tag.

They also do a gorgeous 9 colour eyeshadow set which again holds all the standard colours - grey, black, blue - and also has some zingy colours like pink and yellow. It's not the best colour selection, but it's great for playing around with and having fun with your eye make-up, and again, for £2, what's not to love??

My favourite item from the collection has to be the vanity kit. This cute little kit comes with a sweet clasp and suitcase style handle, and inside is everything from lip glosses, lip and eye brushes, eye pencils, shadows, eye shimmers...and of course a little mirror to make sure your look is perfected. This massive kit is £15, and will make a brilliant present for any make-up loving girl.

The Rebel range will be hitting stores in October, so make sure you grab yourself the whole collection (trust me, everyone can afford it!)

Next up is the Barbara Daly range from Tesco. As I said before, I've never tried her range, but have wondered about it, so I was really pleased to be sent some samples to try. I was sent a gorgeous eye shadow palette, called the Bon-Bon range, which consisted of four colours - metallics and browns - perfect for my dark eyes and pale skin! This little kit is a bargain at £6.75, and the colours go on really well, and only start to crease after a few hours ware. Not bad for that price! 

I was also sent a couple of nail varnishes, one in a vampy dark indigo blue, very AW11, and the second in a beautiful light mink colour - perfect for those days when you don't know which nail colour you feel in the mood for, and very sophisticated too! I dont have images yet, but I will post them as soon as I do. I was also sent a skin primer, which I haven't used before. I know you can use these underneath make-up or alone instead of foundation. I don't normally use foundation, so I was quite keen to try this out, and I was really happy with the results. The primer went on smoothly and felt very light, and just left my skin looking really smooth and seemed to eliminate the shadows under my eyes! Yay!

I was really happy with the Barbara Daly samples that I was sent, and I will definitely be stocking up on her products when I nip into Tesco to do my weekly shop. Incidently, Tesco are also working with ultra fabulous, celeb hairdresser Denise McAdam (who kicked off her career styling Grace Kelly - not a bad name to add to your CV!). Tesco and Denise have created a series of webcasts to teach watchers how to "get the look." I've had a look at a couple of them, and have put a link to one below, which shows you how to make your hair go from work hair to party hair - essential with the holiday season fast approaching!

Enjoy x

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