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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Candy Nails

A few days ago I posted about a new O.P.I nail varnish from their Kardashian Kolor collection - Rainbow in the S-kylie. I absolutely love this super colourful and glittery nail varnish - it's full of sparkle and fun and I used two coats plus a few extra splodges to get a real kaleidoscope effect.

Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of days, as it chipped and peeled away really easily. I still love it, but it's definitely not tough enough to last you a week, so I recommend using it for a night out or a special occasion to really make an impact.

I did discover a fab new way of using it just now though. I applied two coats of my new Parma Violet nail varnish from 17 at Boots (a bargain at £1.99) and then I applied one coat of the O.P.I. The effect is a gorgeous candy colour which looks like it's been dipped in rainbow sugar. I am absolutely in love with it! I can't wait to try this out on my other new pastel colours...I think this will be my signature nail look this season!

I've put an image of both stages below. What do you think? Would you try a glittery top coat? Enjoy x

Parma Violet by 17 at Boots

With a coat of the O.P.I Kardashian over the top

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