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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Loving Oasis!

Hi there!
Thought I would take a break from the photo posting, especially as it is making me depressed thinking about my holiday! I was taking a little look online, seeing if there was anything new to treat myself to, to cheer myself up a bit, when I came across the Oasis website.
Now, I am not really an Oasis customer. I’ve never really shopped there, apart from when I was a lot younger, and I am one of those shoppers who knows what she likes, which shops she likes, and kind of sticks to them. I was really surprised therefore to find myself purusing the Oasis website for ages! They seem to have really updated the site, making it fresh, exciting and kind of kitsch looking. It really stands out from a lot of other sites. After playing around a bit, I focused on the clothes. Ooh I was very pleasantly surprised.
I loved so much of what I saw. Fabulous prints, super on-trend cuts, soft and delicate pastel shades, dresses perfect for day and nightwear, some quite unusual, vintage style pieces and loads more. The collections have cute Peter Pan collars, pretty embellishment, stand out prints and loads more.
I really fell in love with a few pieces in particular, and have done a little edit of my top picks. I think the price points are slightly high, but then I guess I’m comparing them to my favourite H&M, always a bargainous price. Oasis prices are more on point with Topshop and River Island.
So here are my top picks. What do you make of Oasis? Are they one of your stand out high street shops? Enjoy X

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