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Friday, 4 May 2012

Duty Free Purchase

Hello from a very sunny, hot and beautiful Croatia!

We arrived in this stunning country Wednesday lunchtime, and immediately fell in love with Dubrovnik. I won't go into to much, as I want to do a photo blog when I get home, but's amazing!

I just wanted to share with you my little duty free purchase. Now I think this must have been the first time I ever really took advantage of duty free. I decided before I left that I needed to buy myself a new perfume. I am running very low on my two favourites, Rose by Paul Smith and Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and wanted to try out a new fragrance. I had a quick look around the duty free at Gatwick, and spotted a some amazing deals. After spritzing for a few minutes, I decided to take a chance on Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. I was bought the body lotion a couple of years ago and fell in love with the smell. Lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini, paper whites and musk, and it creates a truly gorgeous smell.

So, after spotting it had an amazing 40% off - £23 for 100ml, I had to have it! I'm not one for impulse buys, but as I was paying for my perfume, the lady behind the till showed me a little gizmo which is like an atomiser. You can fill it with your favourite perfume, and it's super handy handbag size makes it perfect for carrying around with you, whenever you need a fragrance top up. It cost £7 but I thought it was so cool, I had to have that too!

Here are my purchases. What do you think of Lovely? Have you ever bought a celeb fragrance? Enjoy x

simply remove the cap and pump the fragrance in! amazing!

Oh and just to give you a little taste as to where I am, here's a pic of my on our balcony, over looking the ocean enjoying a glass of complimentary bubbly! Lovely :o) X

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