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Friday, 15 June 2012

Lady Gaga's Debut Fragrance

Back in the summer of 2011, it was revealed that super star and mother monster, Lady Gaga was secretly working on a fragrance with a bit of a difference. She had teamed up with Coty - the company that makes Kate Moss and SJP's perfumes, as well as the likes of Chloe and Mark Jacobs - she's in safe hands then!
At the time of the announcement, Coty were unable to reveal much about the perfume, not even a name! Boo!

Then Miss Gaga herself told US Vogue that she will be bringing out her own perfume and it would have elements of...wait for it...blood and semen. O....K... always expect the unexpected with mother monster.

So now, a year later, the perfume is still a big secret, with no further details being released, until now! New information has been released this week with rumours suggesting that the perfume is to be called "Fame" and will not smell like bodily fluids, but more like "an expensive hooker" Fabulous!

What do you think Of Lady Gaga releasing a fragrance? Will you be trying it? Enjoy x

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  1. I'm sure I will be trying it as long as I can afford the price. I love LG! :)

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