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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Harvey Nichols New Sale Campaign - A Step Too Far?

If you're a fashion fan, you'll most likely be aware that the sales are a-coming! I personally am not that bothered about sales, but I love sale campaigns - especially those of the big department stores.
Of all of the campaigns so far this year, there is one that sticks out and is currently causing a lot of controversy in the fashion world, and that belongs to iconic department store Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichs are not one to shy away from in-your-face campaigns - there is their cartoon lookbook starring hand-drawn supermodel Polly Beans, and their Christmas campaign featuring girls walking home late at night in different levels of dishevelment along with the slogan "avoid the walk of shame this season."

Well, their ad banners to publicise their upcoming sale are no different! They show male and female models with extremely wet...ahem...crotch areas and the slogan "try to contain your excitement." Ooh blimey!

Twitter has gone crazy over this latest ad campaign, with some tweets declaring their disgust and others thinking it's genius. I actually don't know how I feel about them - they are pretty gross but at the same time they certainly grab your attention, which I guess is kind of the point!

What do you think of this campaign? Enjoy x

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