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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Spirit Hoods Make the Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

Continuing with the Christmas wish list countdown, I want to tell you about Spirit Hoods.

If you know your stuff, you might have noticed that animal inspired hats and accessories are everywhere at the moment! Cute bear hats, paw mittens and fake fox stoles. Well, I have discovered la creme de la creme!

Handmade in L.A., Spirit Hoods faux fur accessories transform the wearer into the animal spirit that best describes their personality. Take your lead from an ever expanding celebrity fan base, and pick from loyal huskies, adventurous tigers or mysterious wolves. I am completely in love with these hoods, and although they come with quite a hefty price tag, they do look worth every penny! Enjoy x

For some reason my iPad isn't letting me upload images, so to check out these amazing hoods, check out the website here.

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