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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

UK's first designer PC tablet from Pierre Cardin!

I receive quite a few press releases daily, but this one really stuck out!

Pierre Cardin, one of the world’s most famous fashion empires - whose clientele includes Lady Gaga and Nicole Ritchie - has launched a tablet computer that combines elegant design with user-friendly technology.   

Tablet PCs are becoming an essential accessory for today’s busy lives on the go. However, technology does not need to be cold and boring,” said Kam Kothia managing director of the UK’s sole distributor of Pierre Cardin Tablet PCs - eBusiness UK. “Pierre Cardin epitomizes the belief that great design can enhance everything from clothes and luggage to furniture and living spaces. We are delighted to be launching the first designer-branded tablet PC into the UK market. Following the successes of the Prada and Armani brands with their mobile phones, we strongly believe there is a strong market for our tablet PC.”

Not only that, but you get wifi, 3G and a USB port, and it all comes wrapped in a gorgeous black gift box, all for £275...cheaper and more chic than an ipad - you'll get some real style cred with this baby!

I am not really a techy kind of gal, but I love the look and idea of this, and love how fashion and technology manage to combine so effortlessly.

It's my birthday in a couple of months, so please can I have one?? I want to blog on a Pierre Cardin Tablet PC!! Enjoy x


For more info, check out: 

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