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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nigella Lawson Commits Serious Crime Against Fashion!

Oh may be the queen of the kitchen, the Domestic Goddess and drive men wild with your sexual innuendos...but a trend setter on the beach you ain't!

This picture was taken of Nigella on Bondi Beach, whilst vacationing in Australia. Now tell me this people, would you, no matter what body type you have, be seen in public in this?! A "Burk-ini" might be suitable for devout Muslim ladies to be seen on the beach in, but are not a devout Muslim and this just looks wrong! Supposedly she wore the burkini to protect her skin from the sun, but my love, that's what sun block and umbrellas are for (trust me, that's how I rock it on the beach).

Nigella, you are a gorgeous curvy chick and look fab when you work those curves. Do us all a favour and go back to the Nigella we love and please...NO MORE STYLE EXPERIMENTS!!!

Nigella looking oh so wrong in a Burkini

A Burkini in action

Image from Daily Telegraph online

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