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Thursday, 3 February 2011

So That's a Pint of Milk, Bread and a Manicure from Tesco!

When you pop down to the supermarket, what's normally on your list? Bread? Milk? Dinner? Maybe a DVD and a paper? Well, now supermarket giant Tesco has decided to tap into the beauty industry! Yes, you will soon be able to nip out to pick up your weekly shop, and stop and have a whole heap of beauty treatments, ranging from a haircut and blow dry to a mani/pedi to eyebrow threading! Genius!

Who wouldn't love the opportunity to get their legs waxed during their weekly shop? With time being so precious these days, and modern women filling their days with work, family, social lives etc, the chance to be able to treat yourself to your regular beauty treatments whilst fitting it in with your food shop, will come as a very welcome change.

What's more, you won't need to book an appointment, you can just wander in and take your pick of treatments, and the prices are extremely competitive - £20 for a cut and blow dry, £15 for a shampoo and cut and £12.50 for just a cut; while a half leg wax comes in at £10 and a full leg is £15!

I am sure this new system will be laughed and scoffed at, but come on - I can't believe this hasn't been thought of sooner!

Trial salons are popping up in Tesco stores in Manchester and London, and fingers crossed, they'll do brilliantly and we'll start seeing them in Tesco stores up and down the customers...I guess every little really does help! Enjoy! x

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