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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Scent Fit for Spring...(and a bride)!

Firstly, I am so sorry I haven't posted in a week. This Belle is getting hitched this weekend, and things have been manic to say the least! However, I am hoping to get a couple more posts out there before the big day.

I wanted to tell you about something I don't normally write about, but considering today really does feel like the first day of spring, I thought it was appropriate! I've been looking for the perfect perfume to wear for the wedding day. Something soft, feminine and playful and also with floral notes, as I wanted to smell like a beautiful spring day! Ha! My favourite perfume of all time is Marc Jacobs Daisy. Not only is the bottle beautiful (if you haven't seen those gorgeous oversized daisy lids then where have you been?!) but the scent is gorgeous. It's one of the only perfumes I have found that lingers for hours, and the bottle is so pretty, I keep it out on display even when the thing is empty!

Now, I didn't want to wear Daisy on the wedding day, as I always wear it and I wanted to try something a little different. I was very happy then when the lovely PRs over at the Perfume Shop sent me a gorgeous big bottle of the new Daisy perfume - Daisy Eau So Fresh. The botttle is by far the sweetest one yet - a bouquet of pastel coloured plastic daisies, in various sizes and shades - so cute I'm thinking of turning it into a pendant for a necklace once it's finished up! Top Model Hannah Holman is the face of the new campaign for the perfume, and she adds a certain vitality to the ad.

The smell is different to Daisy, slightly younger, sweeter and fruity - apparently this is down to its notes of rasberry, grapefruit, violet, wild rose and apple blossom - don't worry, you won't smell like a fruit salad! Also, the juice is gently tinted a soft blush, so really, perfect for a...blushing bride!

So, I think I've cracked it, the perfect perfume to spritz on, on my wedding day - I'm going to take the bottle with me so I can freshen the scent up (it's going to be a long day) but I really would recommend this perfume. It's perfect for day or nights and although it's young, fresh and fruity, it still has that sophistcated edge, meaning it'll smell great on you no matter your age or style. Plus, the bottle is a total keep sake!

If you fancy owning your own Daisy Eau So Fresh, check out the Perfume Shop where you can grab it in two different sizes. Enjoy x

Daisy Eau So Fresh

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  1. Oh Claire! Wishing you all the best for your wedding this weekend - I can't wait to see photos up here if you're willing to post...

    Well done for taking the time to spritz on something slightly different but that you know you'll love. I'm sure you'll feel beautiful in it. Looking forward to seeing your dress and reading all about the special day.