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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ewww...What's Wrong With Your Finger?!

We all have things about our bodies that we would like to change...too fat, too thin, chunky thighs, a wonky nose, whatever it is...we all have our hang ups. There are things we can change and things we can't change, and I have something that I had always wanted to change but couldn't, that I have finally accepted.

It's not a big deal at fact, most people don't notice it unless they look right at it, but I have a misshapen finger. The middle finger on my left hand looks a little weird. This goes way back to when I was under 2 years old and my brother accidentally trapped my finger in the bathroom door. My finger came right off and was hanging by a tiny bit of skin. My poor mum freaked out and luckily, our neighbour at the time was a doctor, so we were rushed to hospital and my finger was reattached.

Fast forward a few years and the top of my finger is now kind of bumpy and instead of a single nail, the nail bed was permanently damaged and it now grows as four nails, with two layers overlapping each other. When I was little, kids noticed and I was embarrassed by it, I mean, it does look odd. Although when people asked to see it, I had to literally give them the finger...which always kind of felt good!

Since I started becoming more interested with all things make-up, beauty and fashion, I have become a pro at disguising it as best as possible with nail varnish...another reason why I have so many bottles in my collection! I never really get manicures, because firstly it hurts when they file that nail and secondly, I always think it looks more obvious, whereas I have developed the knack for it.

I have thought in the past about getting cosmetic surgery on it, but I've come to accept my weird looking finger. It's a part of me and even in my wedding and engagement photos, I didn't try to hide it when close up pictures were taken of the rings. After having several surgeries in the past, I don't see the point in going through something traumatic and painful if it's not a necessity.

Over the years, my wonky finger has been joined by a scar on my lower back, due to spinal surgery and more recently, my "crooked smile" C section scar thanks to Elijah's traumatic birth. These are all things, which make my body and along with a bunch of stretchmarks from pregnancy, make my body mine. Would I change them if I could? Maybe. But they are me and me ain't that bad ;o)

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