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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Neon + Fluffy + Baggy = The Perfect AW13 Jumper

I spotted a flash of neon the other day when I was walking past River Island and I was immediately drawn in.

The flash turned out to be a neon lime, mohair-esque baggy jumper. It was love at first sight! Neon and mohair (or fluffy if you like) are two huge trends for AW13 and this jumper had the perfect amount of high fashion flair and 90's grunge appeal (another trend to look out for).

I picked it up. Put it back. Picked it up again. Checked the price. Then I left the shop thinking, if I still thought about it for 24 hours (a rule I made for myself) then I would go back and get it.

Well 24 hours later I still wanted it, so I made the trip back - there's a River Island on my high street - and picked it up! I got it in a size 14 as I wanted it to be really baggy and at £35 it is the perfect new piece to take into the new fashion season.

Definitely not one for everybody though. In fact when I asked my hubby if he liked it, he just said..."'s a bit bright!" With my new hair though, I feel like rocking some more "out there" pieces!

What do you think of this jumper? Hit or miss? Enjoy x

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